1843 - 1926
1884 - 1963



A History of The Family of
Otmar And Celia Williams

2nd REVISIONS  Compiled by
Roger Glenn Williams
July 2006



    This document is the second part of a a written record the genealogy and some anecdotal history of the descendants of Rufus Otmar Williams the great grandfather of the author.  It is a continuation of the genealogy recorded in the book “Captain Issac Williams and his Grand Children” published in 1963 by Ben and Alice Dixon who are distant cousins.  The Dixon book traces the family of “Richard the First” (Williams) of Gwynedd, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania from the time of his marriage in 1717 through the generations that were born at Williams, Indiana in the mid-1880’s including the birth of James Dixon Williams, the father of Rufus Otmar Williams.

      This author is deeply indebted to his first cousin Linda Sue (Williams) Ault who did an initial compilation of the lineage and descendants of Rufus’ son Otmar, our grandfather.  Linda used materials given to her by cousin Danny Williams including a copy of the Dixon book and some handwritten notes grandmother Celia (Bowman) Williams made of her immediate family and those of her husband Otmar which she later entrusted to her daughter-in-law, Danny’s mother Kleadeth.  Linda has also supplied many updates and corrections over the past several months.  Linda’s work was the inspiration and starting point for the research that is recorded in the following pages.

    In compiling this document the author has sought not only to record the basic information of names, lineage, dates and places, but also to include some of the anecdotal information regarding the families.
    This document should always be a “work in progress.”  To that end it will take advantage of current technology and will be maintained and shared as a computer word processing text file as well as in printed form.  Future users should feel free to make use of the present information as they deem appropriate.  Given that there is a geometric progression of entries with each passing generation; this writer’s primary effort along these lines has been to include the record of births of all of Otmar and Celia’s great great grandchildren.

Transcriptions of letters and obituaries have been typed as written with footnotes indicating that grammar and spelling as per the originals.


The numbering system used in the body of this document is a continuation of that found in the Dixon book.  The first person in the lineage is Number 1.  (In our case that is Richard the First of Gwynedd.)  His children are numbered serially from the oldest to the youngest. If he had nine children, his oldest would be number 1-9 and the youngest would be number 1-1.

Each child of each succeeding generation will be numbered the same way and his or her family number will make an additional unit.  Thus the genealogical number fixes the order of birth and the number of generations from the original source person.  This is how it works:

    1    Richard the First of Gwynedd, PA
    1-1    William Williams of Cane Creek, born 1719
    11-2    Isaac Williams Sr., of NC and Tenn., born 1742
    112-7    Captain Isaac Williams, 7th son of Isaac born 1779
    1127-8    James Dixon Williams, the 8th son of Isaac II
    11278-3    Rufus Williams the 3rd child of James Dixon
    11278-3-9    Otmar Williams the 9th child of Rufus
    11278-39-1    Stanley Williams the 1st child of Otmar
    11278-391-2    Roger Williams the 2nd child or Stanley
    11278-3912-3    Kendall Williams the 3rd child or Roger


11278-3-9.  OTMAR WILLIAMS

    Son of Rufus Williams and Susan J. Kern

    Born February 12, 1883, North Bend, Dodge County, Nebraska
    Died February 12, 1963 at Elnora, IN.  Buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, IN.
    Married Celia Bowman, daughter of Jackson P. Bowman and Mary Harris March 21, 1906.
     Member of the Church of Christ, Williams, IN.
    Celia died August 20, 1948 at Washington, IN., buried at Walnut Hill

Otmar, given his father’s middle name at birth, was the only child of Susan and Rufus to be born outside of Indiana.  Otmar never really knew his mother, as he was less than two years of age when she died.  He returned to Williams, Indiana sometime in his late teens. (His father Rufus, and one or more of the brothers also returned to Williams for a period of time.)  He apparently stayed with some family members and worked as a hired laborer.  A tall young man of strong bone and features, he was by this time an accomplished fiddle player, having been taught by his father Rufus and older brothers, who often played for “barn dances” and other gatherings in the neighborhood.  He passed his musical talents on to several of his children.  Ermel learned to play the French Harp, Warren and Freeda strummed guitar and Eula learn to play the violin.  Warren’s daughter, Linda Ault, has possession of the last fiddle that Otmar owned.

While living at Williams, Otmar meet, courted, and married Celia Bowman, a distant cousin.  Celia was a great-granddaughter of Otmar’s great uncle Garrett Williams.  Celia’s father, Jackson Bowman, was a prosperous farmer in the “Stumphole Bridge” community east of Williams, Indiana and farmed some of the land once owned by Rufus Williams.  Celia received her education in the Lawrence County schools and attended Marion Normal College. 

Celia and Otmar lived a year at Williams on the “Green farm”-owned by Jackson Bowman-and across the river from the home place for a year.  (Raleigh and Zella (Bowman) Miller occupied the property for several years.)  Their first child, a son named Stanley, was born there before the young family moved to Watonga, Oklahoma for a few months to work with Otmar’s brother-in-law Joe Geeslen following the death of Joe’s wife Mattie, Otmar’s older sister. 

They returned to Williams, build a small home and farmed on the 20 acres of land given to them by Celia’s father Jackson Bowman.  This house was located on the north side of the Stumphole Bridge Road on the west slopes of the big hill.  To this union was born three more sons, Warren, Oletus, and Ermel and a daughter, Estelle before greener pastures and a need for more farm land lead Otmar to move the family from Williams to the Gus Keel farm at Sandy Hook in Daviess County, Indiana in 1918.  (Waldo Spreen and his family had apparently moved his family from the Stumphole Bridge area to the Sandy Hook area of Daviess County sometime earlier and perhaps enticed Otmar and Celia join them.)  Freeda was the first child of Otmar and Celia to be born in Daviess County.  As they came of the proper age the children enrolled in the Letts School located near the farm.

A year later, in 1919, they moved a short distance to the “Old log house” on the Jones place (owned by Cameron Hyatt) where daughter Ellen was born.  Celia delivered a fifth male Child, Otmar Ray who failed to live the day.  He is buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery at Williams, IN.  The move to the Hyatt farm would begin a tenant-landlord relationship with the Cameron Hyatt families that continued through three generations until 1998.  Otmar, his sons Stanley and Oletus, son-in-law Willard Lamb (husband of Freeda), and grandson Marvin Jolliff would all farm some of the lands owned by the Hyatt families.  In 1998 Marvin purchased some of the Hyatt land he had been farming for 35 years when the heirs decided to liquidate their holdings, thus ending the landlord-tenant relationship.

In 1923 Otmar moved the family to a farm owned by the Hyatt family some 3.5 miles southwest of Plainville, Indiana.  Their last child, Eula was born at this location.

In 1928 Otmar purchased a 141 acre farm just north and west of the Walnut Hill cemetery north of Odon, Indiana.  This farm was “home” to the family – from there most of the children completed their educations, meet and married their spouses, and gathered for the one known photograph of the children (1938).  While living at Odon, Otmar and the boys also did tenant farming on land in the river bottoms southwest of Elnora.  On those occasions the “boys” lived at a cabin on the farm for a week at a time.

Like his great-grandfather Isaac, Otmar loved the sports of hunting.  He maintained kennels of hunting dogs all of his active life.  Bird and fox hunting were his favorites.  This writer and his sister Charlotte have early childhood memories of grandpa Otmar making large pans of cornbread that he used as food for his hounds.  Otmar’s love of hunting was passed on to three of his sons, Warren, Oletus, and Ermel and at least two grandsons, Jim Williams and Travis Riggins.  In turn Warren’s grandsons Jay R. Crew and David Ault and great-grandson Cody Ault carry on the love for hunting dogs.  Uncle Ermel taught David the art of coon hunting.

Otmar also enjoyed maintaining several hives of honeybees, a trait passed on to his son Oletus.  That enterprise provided a steady supply of honey for the table and Celia’s cooking.  Stanley particularly enjoyed the “blue vine” honey that was only available for a short time each year that they lived in the river bottoms.

In 1943, with all of the children, except Ellen, married and settled, Otmar and Celia sold the farm at Odon and moved to a smaller tract on the southwest corner of Taylor Bluff and Maysville Roads southwest of Washington.  This farm was just “up the road” from where they had originally started in 1918 and close to their son Oletus.  Celia’s health began to fail while they lived here and she died on August 20, 1948.  Sons Warren and Stanley, and grandson Roger learned of the death late on that hot Friday evening as they were winding down a hard week of activities at the county fair in Elnora.  She was brought back “home” to Walnut Hill cemetery for burial.

A year later, Otmar sold the farm at Washington, retired, and he and daughter Ellen moved to a home in Elnora.  He was treated for cancer in 1955; however, he lived to morn the loss of his two firstborn sons to heart attacks in 1957 and 1958.  Otmar died in 1963 and rejoined his Celia in sleep at the Walnut Hill Cemetery.

Otmar and Celia’s children all had their formative years during the great depression of the 1930’s and early days of World War II.  Times were tough, there was little non-farm work or money to be had: electricity, telephones and modern conveniences had not yet arrived on the scene, particularly in rural America, and self-sufficiency was the norm.  (One of the fond memories this writer has of grandmother Celia is one of her using an ordinary table fork to whip egg whites into a stiff meringue for the topping on a homemade pie.  The writer also remembers the day when his mother was finally able to afford the purchase of a hand powered rotary beater.)

    As each child – except poor Ellen – finished school they learned to earn their own keep, married, and established themselves in farming and often shared their labor and efforts with each other.

    The three married sisters gathered each fall to continue a practice of making apple butter in a large cooper kettle outside over an open fire.

    Hog butcherings in the cold winter months, wheat thrashings in the heat of the summer, silo fillings and corn husking in the fall, and moving to a different home or farm often brought one or more family members together to share in the fun and work of the occasion.

    Saturday evenings were almost always spent “in town” at Odon.  The farmer’s and the laborer’s work week was over and a trip to town provided the opportunity to shop and socialize with friends, neighbors, and relatives.

    Sometimes excess eggs or cream from the farm were taken to the Dearmin Company and sold for sorely needed cash which was then used to purchase basic staples in the stores which always stayed open late on Saturday nights to accommodate the shoppers.  (All the stores were closed on Sundays.)

    Frequently two or more of the Williams families would buy a block of ice at the end of the evening and go to one of the homes where a freezer of ice cream, made with lots of country cream and eggs would be “hand cranked” and enjoyed by all complete with home made chocolate syrup and maybe a cake or pie.

    On other occasions, a decision would be made to have an impromptu outing at Spring Mill State Park or some other location after church on Sunday.

    That sense of family caring and sharing continues:

    Some of Otmar’s children have fond memories of summer visits to grandpa Bowman’s farmstead at Williams, Indiana – It was a short train ride from Daviess County back to Lawrence County. 

    Estelle and Gabe helped Stanley and Ruth clean up the farmhouse at Odon in 1941.  They also helped harvest a corn crop by hand one year when weather conditions made for a difficult and late harvest.  Some thirty years plus years later they helped their nephew Roger and his family clean up the old farmhouse on Edwardsport Road in Washington, Indiana.  That same year, Estelle and Gabe’s son Marvin used his large farm tractor and front-end blade to clear and bury the remains of an outbuilding at the same location.

    Stanley and Ruth share part of their home on the farm at Odon with newly wed Ermel and his wife Virginia.  Many years later, Stanley drove Ermel’s little Ford tractor and a wagon loaded with farm and personal items from Raglesville to the Ermel’s new farming location at Petersburg.

    Ermel sold that 1943 9N Ford tractor to his nephew-in-law Gary Ault—husband of Ermel’s niece Linda (Warren) Williams—and told them the story of how he got one of the few 1943 Fords.  Cousin Linda recalls the following:
    “With metal being in short supply during the World War II years, farmer put their names into drawings for the few tractors that were being produced.  Ermel was surprise to have his name drawn for the Ford tractor and even more thrilled when he learned that the new tractor had the “new” rubber tires instead of the anticipated metal wheels.  The tractor came complete with a disc, cultivator, plow, and headlights.

    Ermel told Gary that he cut the headlights off because he had no intention of ever farming at night. 

    Ermel said the only night the tractor was inside a building was when he was helping his brother Oletus farm and pulled the tractor into Oletus’s barn.  Oletus was upset that Ermel had moved something of Oletus’s in order to park the tractor in the barn and words were exchanged. 

    The tractor never sat inside again under Ermel’s ownership but remained in surprising good shape and sits in a shed at the Ault’s homestead today.”

    Many of Otmar’s grandchildren would spend a week or more week during the summer months visiting in the home of an aunt or uncle where the time as passed playing with other cousins.  Some of the older cousins also got to spend time with grandma Celia and grandpa Otmar on the farm at Odon.

    A few stories about the “pranks” which the boys in particular played on each other have been repeated to this writer; but they have been omitted for the best interest of all concerned.  But that helps to explain why, the writer remembers that a small boy if we arrived at a relative’s house and found no one at home we would “leave our mark” but doing something harmless to the house or yard before departing.  And we sometimes arrived back at our own home to find a comparable “calling card” had been left there as well.

    Warren and Esther arranged a small apartment in the attached summer kitchen of their farm home as a place for Otmar to live and recuperate following his cancer surgery.

    While the whole family “looked out” for Ellen, Ermel and Virginia, following the death of Otmar, took up the task of securing the appropriate government assistance needed to care for her until her untimely death.

    Two of Ermel’s daughters jointly opened their homes to care for their aging parents.

    Grandmother Celia initiated an attempt to “piece and quilt” a quilt for each of her grandchildren.  However, ill health kept her from completing that task.  Several of her grandchildren prize the one that they own.

    Oletus made a special effort to purchase one of the last Belgium draft horse owned his brother Stanley and kept the animal on the farm until its death.

    All of Otmar and Celia’s married children engaged in farming.  None of them –- or their spouses – opted to leave the hard work and joys of farm life and take a “city job” even during the times of World War II.  They all lived to see rural America come into the modern era of the 1940’s and 50’s.  Dirt roads were graveled and still later coated with asphalt or concrete and amenities like electricity and telephones came into their homes; running water replaced the hand pumps and water buckets, horses were replaced by tractor power; automated farming equipment became the norm; highly specialized hybrids replaced open pollinated varieties in both grains and hay crops; these and commercial fertilizers, pesticides, and chemical weed controls greatly increase production levels.

    Radios, daily newspapers, magazines, and then television and the Internet system brought the world into their living rooms.  Most of them witnessed the initiation and growth of the space age and many of the advanced technologies generated by that initiative.  What a change from the stark years of the great depression of the 1930’s and World War II.


11278-39-1.   STANLEY BAZIL WILLIAMS     Born 4-16-1907 at Williams, IN.
    Died July 13, 1957, Odon, IN., buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, IN. 
    Married (Violet) Ruth Christenberry, February 27, 1934 at Washington, IN.

11278-39-2.  WARREN LESLIE WILLIAMS     Born 9-27-09 at Williams, IN.
    Died June 14, 1958, Elnora, IN.  Buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, IN.
    Married Esther Arford, on 2-29-1936 at Odon, IN.

11278-39-3.  OLETUS HALBERT WILLIAMS    Born 10-11-1911 at Williams, IN.
    Died 6-6-1971 at Bloomfield, IN., buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, IN. 
    Married Kleadeth Bernice Wagner, 8-30-1934 at Vincennes, IN.

11278-39-4.  ERMEL JACKSON WILLIAMS    Born 9-29-1913, Lawrence County, IN.
    Married Virginia Avis Holt, 5-03-1941 at Odon, IN. 
    Died 12-1-1999, Ligonier, IN.  Buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, IN.

11278-39-5.  ESTELLE MERELLE WILLIAMS    Born at Williams, IN. 10-14-1915
    Married 1-29-1938 to Gariel Albert Jolliff, son of Levi and Ethel Jolliff. 
    Gariel (“Gabe”) born 9-14-1913, died March 19, 1998 and is buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery at Odon, IN.

11278-39-6.  FREEDA MYRENE WILLIAMS    Born 4-2-1918 in Daviess County, IN. 
    Died October 27, 1999 at Odon, IN.  Buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery at Odon. 
    Married 3-12-1938 to Willard Lamb, son John and Myrtle (Lemonds) Lamb.    
     Willard born 8-22-1915 at Odon, IN.

11278-39-7.  OTMAR RAY WILLIAMS 
     Born and died 7-27-1920 in Daviess County, buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery, Williams, IN.

    Born 8-19-1921 in the “Shotgun” log house on the Hyatt farm southwest of Washington.     
    Never married
    Died 1-16-1983 at Washington, IN.  Buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery at Odon, IN. beside her parents.
11278-39-9.  EULA MAY WILLIAMS     Born 11-06-1923 at Plainville, Daviess County, IN.
    Married 4-04-1942 to James Robert Riggins


Oletus          Warren              Stanley              Ermil

Vist by Uncle Ned Williams to Otmar's Family in 1938

      STANLEY    Ermel     Otmar        Ned          Warren     Oletus
                             Virginia         Willard              Celia        Kleadeth
                    Eula            Freeda      Estelle/            Ruth        Ellen


      Oletus           Stanley        Warren
  Freeda     Estelle    Ellen           Ermel


Garriel Jolliff, Stanley Williams,  Elbert “Buck” Bowman, Warren Williams, Charles Hayes, Vonn Hayes, Johnny Tumey, Willard Lamb.  Adolphis Voorheis.
Third Row:
Robert Riggins, Otmar Williams, Bernice Richardson, Ellen Williams, Freeda Lamb, Evelyn Tumey,  Zella & Rolla Miller, Elizabeth Hayes, Orley & Miles Bowman, Freeman Hayes
Second Row
Eula Riggins holding Steven Riggins, Alice Voorheis, Ruth Williams, Charlotte Williams, Pauline Hayes holding Linda, Pauline Bowman, Maxine Bowman, Barbara and Ruth Bowman, Agnes Rini, Ruth Smith, Estelle Jolliff, Esther Williams
Front Row
Angeline & Geraldine Rini, Darlene Bowman and Judith Bowman Joan Lamb & Nina Lamb, Shirley Williams, Linda & Jane Ann Williams, Karen and Travis Riggins, Marvin Jolliff, Roger Williams, Charlotte Ann Rini, Gerald Smith, ??? Bowman, Tilford Tumey

This was the first gathering of the “Bowman Cousins” as organized by Stanley and Ruth Williams in the summer following the death of Celia (Bowman) Williams.   There is a high percentage of attendance.   Shortly after this picture was taken the skies opened and a heavy summer thunderstorm sent the families on their way.  The group continued to gather on a regular basis until the late 1950’s


Washington Township Map



Otmar’s Last (owned) Farm (1943-49)

Oletus tenant farmer on Hyatt Property

Ermel tenant farmer on the “Graham Place

Otmar’s 2nd tenant farm in Daviess County, “Ol log house” on Hyatt Farm

Otmar’s 1st tenant farm in Daviess County, 1914, Gus Keel Farm at Sandy Hook


Steele Township Map






Warren Williams 1st tenant farmed in “the Marsh” until 1952.

Marvin Jolliff moved to Hyatt Farm in 1964 as tenant farmer until 1999 when he purchased.

Willard Lamb purchased (1954) and operated dairy farm

Stanley Williams 1st tenant farmed on Hyatt Property until 1941 and was followed by Willard Lamb.

Otmar Williams moved the family to Hyatt Property southwest of Plainville in 1923 and tenant farmed there until 1943 when moved to Odon.

Herschel Doades farm was just down the road (Hgwy 57) from Stanley’s 1st farm. 

      (Home of Joyce (Doades) Williams


Travis Riggins farm located just northwest of Newberry in Green County

Gary, Linda, David and Veronica Ault farm just south of Newberry.

Warren Williams purchased and moved to the Odon farm in 1952. 

Marvin Jolliff has multiple holdings in the “Mud Pike” area. 

Gariel Jolliff farm which he purchased in 1943.

Phillip Jolliff owns the farm just east of Gariel’s property.

Teddy Riggins owns his farm northeast of Odon

Otmar Williams purchased Walnut Hill area farm and move to Odon farm in 1928.  Moved back to Washington (last farm) in 1943.

Walnut Hill Cemetery just north of Odon is burial site of the entire family except for infant Otmar Ray who is buried at Mt. Olive at Williams, IN.

Stanley Williams purchased and moved to “Bunkum” farm in 1941.

James Robert (Uncle Bob) Riggins purchased and moved to Raglesville farm in 1951.  Retired and moved to odon in 1976.

Warren Williams 1st tenant farmed in “the Marsh” until 1952.


 Son of Otmar and Celia (Bowman) Williams
Born April 16, 1907 on the Green Farm at Williams, IN.
Died July 13, 1957, Odon, IN., buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, IN.
Married (Violet) Ruth Christenberry, February 27, 1934 at Washington, In
Ruth born October 15, 1908 at Odon, daughter of Dovie (Shaffer) and Lewis Christenberry, died December 26, 1997 at Bloomfield, IN.  Buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, IN.


        The oldest son of Otmar and Celia and the first of four boys, Stanley was a young lad of eleven when the family moved from Lawrence County to Daviess County, Indiana.  There Stanley attended the Letts’ grade school and spent one year at the “city high school” on Walnut Street in Washington before moving to the Hyatt farms southwest of Plainville and staying home and help his father with the farming operations and supplying the needs of the ever growing family.

    In the midst of the great depression of the 1930’s he courted and married the oldest daughter of a neighboring farmer, Lewis Christenberry. 

    Continuing in the best traditions of his forefathers, Stanley became a caring father, an outstanding and forward thinking farmer, breeder of fine purebred livestock, and a popular and highly respected community member. 
Stanley and Ruth started their farming careers as tenant farmers for the Robert Hyatt family on a tract of land located on the east side of Indiana Highway 57 just north of the Harbstreit Hill community.  Daughter Charlotte and son Roger were both born in the little square four-roomed house on the sand hill of that farm.  On this farm Stanley raised watermelons – using the seeds of the Appleseed variety provided by Uncle Mose, corn and wheat, and started his career as a breeder of quality horses and mules.  Ruth tended a large garden, helped milk the cows, and maintained a flock of chickens which provided a steady supply of eggs, a small cash income from the sale of excess eggs, and a ready supply of meat for the table.
    In 1941 Stanley bought a farm northeast of Odon, Indiana in the Bunkum Community and moved the family there.  The location would prove to be critical in that a supply of electricity would be made available that first year when a major power line designed to provide power to the World War II efforts at the Navel Weapons Depot at Crane, Indiana was installed along the north side of the farm.  Electricity provided heaters for the baby turkey, pumped water for the farm and the family, and provided lights for the house.  An electric stove and refrigerator were added to the kitchen as soon as they were available after the end of WW II and a few years later a deep freezer allowed the family to enjoy beef, chicken, and turkey meat all year long. Their third child, a daughter Shirley was born on that farm.

also established himself as a highly regarded producer of purebred and registered livestock.  He devoted his efforts to the breeding, raising, and selling of Belgium horses, black Angus cattle, and Corridale sheep.  He also raised “sorrel” mules until that market failed in the late 1940’s.

Ruth and the children were active members of the Bunkum Church which was adjacent to the farm and just across the field from the farmhouse.Stanley was an active participant in the early days of the Elnora Fair that later became the Daviess County Fair and was serving the Board of Directors as the Superintendent of Livestock at the time of his death.  He was instrumental in securing the construction of the barns that housed the livestock at the fairgrounds.

    Stanley and Ruth encouraged their children to be active in 4-H club work and were supportive of the 4-H program at the local and county level.  Stanley supplied the lambs for several neighbors and family members livestock projects.

    A short two months after the graduation of his firstborn from college and his son from high school he was dead, brought down by a massive heart attack at 50 years of age.  Ironically, he had spent the entire day of his death “loafing” in town with friends and acquaintance.  The spring crops had been planted, the first hay was harvested, and Ruth and the kids were home making kraut from the bountiful crop of cabbage that the garden had produced that year.  It was late on a Saturday evening when he fell to floor of the porch and died.  (His brothers Warren and Oletus also died on the porches of their homes.)

It was a very hot summer day when family and friends laid Stanley to rest at Walnut Hill Cemetery.  There he joined his mother Celia and would be the first of the eight children who would eventually join in the deep sleep on those gentle slopes.

    Ruth, with the help of her brother Foster Christenberry continued to operate the farm for two years until it was evident that Roger had no desire to return to the farm following college.  The livestock and equipment were auctioned, the land sold, and Ruth continued her productive years providing housekeeping assistance services to family, friends, and neighbors.

Ruth lived in a mobile home on land owned by her sister Margaret until Shirley graduated from Odon high school and married.  Ruth later live near her daughter Charlotte at W. Lafayette, IN. before returning to Odon to live near her daughter Shirley where she was the “sitter” for her grand daughter Betha.  She followed Shirley and Betha to a mobile home park in Bloomfield, Indiana when Shirley and her husband, John Abel, divorced.

When her health began to fail and she could no longer stay by herself, Ruth moved to the Bloomfield nursing home where she enjoyed the company and friendship of fellow residents and staff members even though she suffered from a serious loss of hearing.  Slowed by a mild heart attack at age 78, crippled by worn out knees which finally refused to support her, and her fate sealed by a diagnosis of colon cancer; she remained alert and cheerful through the family Christmas celebrations of her 89th year.  Brought down by, in her words, a “touch of the flu,” the weekend prior to Christmas Day, she remained alert through Christmas Day before dying of respiratory failure on December 26, 1997.  It was a very cold winter day when family and friends laid her to rest beside her husband and adjacent to her parents in the Walnut Hill Cemetery that joins the farm where she was born and raised.
 11278-391-1.  Charlotte Ann Williams           
      Born May 25, 1935 on the Hyatt Farm at Plainville, In
Married 6-21-1964 at Lafayette, IN. to Jack Koning, Divorced 1971 

11278-391-2.  Roger Glenn Williams
    Born 9-08-1939 on the Hyatt Farm at Plainville, IN.
    Married 6-22-1963 at Washington, IN. to Joyce Williams.  Three children.


11278-391-3.  Shirley Rebecca Williams   
Born 8-18-1943 on farm at Odon, IN.
    Married 8-8-1962 at Burn City, In to John Edward  two children, Dv 1982
    Married (2nd) 10-10-1992 at Bloomfield, In to Robert Groomer 

(Bowman/Williams Reunion 1952)
           Stanley              Roger
   Shirley     Ruth


 Son of Otmar and Celia (Bowman) Williams
 Born 9-27-09 at Williams, IN.  Graduate of Plainville High School.
 Died June 14, 1958 at Elnora, IN.  Buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, IN.
 Married Esther Arford, on 2-29-1936 at Odon, IN.
    Esther born 7-30-1913 at Odon, the daughter of Roland D. and Belva Jane (Mumaw) Arford.  Died, July 23, 2005.  Buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery.
    A graduate of Odon High School, Esther initially completed a two year teacher training program at Indian Central College (later renamed as the University of Indianapolis) and later completed     a B.S. there after taking additional course work at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana, and at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.
The second son of Otmar and Celia was also a successful farmer and respected community member.  A graduate of Plainville High School, Warren married the daughter of a prosperous neighboring farmer and livestock trader.  Following the loss of stillborn twin boys and later a stillborn daughter, the marriage was blessed with two girls, Linda Sue and Jane Ann.
Warren was a tenant operator of a farm “in the marsh” south of Elnora for several years before purchasing a farm northwest of Odon but with an Elnora mailing address.  (The family moved there in on the last day of February in 1952.  Cousin Linda recalls that the house had many rooms and a deep and dark looking basement where she later learned to use a wringer washer to do the weekly laundry.)  On that farm Warren raised corn, wheat, and hay crops and he maintained excellent herds of purebred registered Duroc hogs and Shorthorn cattle.  Each of these livestock ventures gave him a working relationship with Herschel Doades at Plainville.  Warren, like his brother Stanley, was an active participant in the Elnora Fair and Linda and Jane were active and successful in the county 4-H program.
Esther a supportive wife, mother, and homemaker, maintained the household.  In addition to a bountiful vegetable garden she took great pride in maintaining beds of annual and perennial flowerbeds as well as an array of houseplants.  She passed that passion on to each of her daughters.
Warren and Esther were active members of the Methodist Church in Elnora before transferring their membership to the Odon Methodist Church in 1953 in order that the girls could attend church with their school classmates.
Warren was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed fishing, trapping for furs, and hunting birds and raccoons.  Tall and slender of build and with no known physical problems other than some chronic problems with back pain, he looked the picture of health that June of 1958 when, not unlike his older brother a year earlier, a massive heart attack claimed his life as he sat talking on the back porch of his home.  Within the span of a single year Otmar’s family had lost the two oldest sons and brothers to the same killer. 

Absent anyone to take over the farming operations, Esther auctioned the livestock and equipment and sold the farm that summer.  Taking advantage of the teacher-training program she had completed prior to her marriage, she obtained a teaching position at the Odon Elementary School.  She purchased and moved with the girls to a home just across the street from the school.  She continued her own education by commuting to the universities for summer school and evening classes while serving as a teacher and raising the girls.
Upon retiring from the teaching profession in 1979, Esther continued to live in the house, tend her flowerbeds, and enjoy her grandchildren.  In her later years she has moved into an extended care facility just a block from her home on Race Street in Odon.  A eulogy follows on the next page.
11278-392-1.  LINDA SUE WILLIAMS    Born 10-12-1942 at Elnora, IN.
Married 10-13-1960 at Lawrenceville, Ill to Gary Emil Ault, son of Harry Galen and Leatrice (Jones) Ault.  Gary born 9-7-1942. Two daughters one son.
11278-392-2.  JANE ANN WILLIAMS     Born 2-13-1947, Daviess County, IN.
Married 9-11-1965 at Washington, IN. to Ronald Charles Crew, son of Steward and Frances (McCammon) Crew.  Ron b.-1-18-1947  Two sons
Twin sons still-born January 4, 1939 and a daughter still-born are buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, the church of Esther’s parents families, located 3 miles north of Odon and near the farm where Esther was raised. 

 Warren      Esther
Linda Sue   Jane Ann

Written By Jane Williams Crew July 2005

Esther Arford Williams was born July 30, 1913 to Roland Dorsey Arford and Belva Jane Mumaw Arford on the family farm north of Odon. Esther was the middle child in the family of four sons, Royal, Robert, Wilbur and Foster. Esther was descended from pioneering German families who settled north of Odon, the Boyds, the Mumaws and Arfords.

After graduating from Indiana Central College, Esther married Warren Leslie Williams - February 29, 1936. After many childless years, including the loss of three premature babies and years loving and caring for foster babies, they were blessed with the birth of Linda Sue and five years later, Jane Ann. The family lived south of Elnora until 1952 when they purchased a farm north of Odon beside the farm of Esther’s late grandparents, on the edge of the neighborhood where she had spent her youth. Warren raised purebred Duroc hogs and Shorthorn cattle and Esther kept a flock of chickens for egg money and for the table. The freezer and pantry were kept stocked with produce from her garden and meat from the farm.

Life on the farm stopped June 14, 1958 when Warren suffered a sudden fatal attack, while sitting on the porch swing with Janie, reading the paper, following a late lunch. Following the sale of the farm and a move into Odon to the house across from the school, Esther reinvented herself at age 45. She had her daughters and the college education she received in 1933. She persuaded the school board to let her upgrade her education while she began her twenty-year teaching career. Her summers were spent in college classrooms in Indianapolis until she had the required diploma.

Esther was a devoted school teacher, she spent long nights grading papers, and anguishing over her students that had problems.

Joy returned to Esther when she became a grandmother. First came Pammy and then Karen followed by J R , David and then Rodney. Those were happy Saturdays for Grandma when she cooked wonderful meals for her grandchildren. They gave a whole new meaning to her life. For years JR and Rodney thought the days of the week were Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Grandma Day! "She often said she didn’t know you could love your grandchildren as much as you loved your OWN children but you do."

And later 10 great grandchildren, but after Josh and Jenny, the others children were not to know her love.

Esther taught many things to her children and grand children; the two most obvious are to appreciate the beauty of flowers and a craving for fruit, both Afford family traits. She had a calm personality that was seldom ruffled. She said not a word when her car was total by her brand new son-in-law, not even letting him pay the deductible. She stood firmly beside her daughters whether it was cancer or minor crises. Though out a life punctuated by disappointments, she set the example for her daughters and grandchildren to look deep within themselves and to their Faith to find the inborn strength to face each new trial.

Her last years seemed undeserved. We know she is now a peace In The Garden, Karen received a vision "of Grandma smiling in heaven at 8:58 on Saturday morning" so there would be no doubt.


Son of Otmar and Celia (Bowman) Williams
     Born 10-11-1911 at Williams, IN.  Graduate of Plainville High School.
    Died 6-6-1971 at Bloomfield, IN., buried at Walnut hill Cemetery, Odon, IN.
    Married Kleadeth Bernice Wagner, 8-30-1934 at Bedford, IN.
    Kleadeth, born 5-16-1914, Lawrence County, In, daughter of Mabel (Rutter) and Jesse Wagner.  Died 10-28-1985 at Bedford.  Buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery. 
    Kleadeth remarried to Otis Stigall on 11-??-1982 lived at Bedford until death.
  Oletus, the third child and son of Celia and Otmar continued the family tradition and became a successful farmer.  During one or more of the sometimes extended visits to his grandfather Jackson Bowman’s farm at Williams, he met and courted a cute young lass, Kleadeth Wagner, who lived neighbors to the Bowman holdings.  They were married at Vincennes and returned to Daviess County to be tenant farmers on some of the same land farmed by Otmar when the family first moved to Daviess County.  This land was just south of the farm which Otmar and Celia purchased and lived on after leaving the farm at Odon.
Two sons, Gordon and Danny, were heirs to the Williams name.  In the early 1950’s the family purchased a farm just south of Bloomfield that bordered on the west fork of the White River.  There the boys grew to manhood as dad and mom maintained a modest but successful farming operation of cattle, corn, hay, and a custom hay baling operations. 
Both of the boys had a passion for cars and motorcycles.  Gordon graduated from Bloomfield High School in 1960, served a two-year tour in the National Guard, and settled into a factory job at Columbus, IN.  He would frequently make the weekend trip between Columbus and home on his motorcycle.  He was killed early one Monday morning, 5-2-1965, less than ten miles from his parents’ home when he and his cycle failed to negotiate a curve on the winding road back to work.  He is buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery at Odon.
Danny finished high school at Bloomfield, married, divorced and married a second wife before settling into a career of heavy equipment operations while working for the coalmines so common in the Greene County area.
Less inclined to participate in family gatherings and events that his brothers and sisters, Oletus never-the-less shared the same gene stock and upbringings.  Like his father, Otmar, Oletus enjoyed maintaining several hives of honeybees and the honey was a mainstay of Keleadth’s cooking.  He enjoyed hunting and raising quality livestock.  While he would live longer than his older brothers, he experienced health problems in his mid fifties and came to the same untimely end while sitting on his back porch.  He then joined his eldest son and two older brothers under the grassy slopes of Walnut Hill Cemetery at Odon.

Kleadeth eventually sold the farm, married a childhood friend, and move to Bedford where she enjoyed retirement.  This writer will always remember her act of kindness and family in giving him some old family pictures including the one of great grandfather Rufus and some of his children which is reproduced in this document.  Once cancer claimed her life, her body was laid to rest beside Oletus at Walnut Hill Cemetery. 
11278-393-1.  Gordon Otmar Williams       Born, 8-24-1942 Daviess County, In
      Died 5-02-1965, Bloomfield, IN.  Buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, IN.
11278-393-2.  DANIEL PAUL WILLIAMS Born 7-18-1949 in Daviess County, In
      Married 1. Nancy Ann Denny, divorced
      Married 2. Tammy, with one stepdaughter, Melissa whom he adopted

  DANNY                                   GORDON
(High School Senior Year Pictures)
Son of Otmar and Celia (Bowman) Williams
   Born 9-29-1913, Lawrence County, IN.  Graduate of Odon High School.
   Died December 1, 1999; buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, IN.
   Married Virginia Avis Holt, 5-03-1941 at Washington, IN.
   Virginia born 11-02-1917, daughter of Willard Thomas and Ina Hazel [Wadsworth] Holt.
The only son of Celia and Otmar to bear the name of an ancestor (his maternal grandfather was Jackson Bowman), and the last son to be born in Lawrence County, Ermel, like his brothers, tried his hand at farming.

As a young man in the height of the great depression Ermel and another group of young men from Daviess County, hired out for the wheat harvest in the state of Illinois.  Later that year, Ermel and Clarence Porter, another member of the group, traveled to the state of Washington to work the apple harvest.  Once the harvest was over they travel together down the west coast through the sights and sounds of California. 
  On the way back east to Indiana, they stopped in Texas to visit Ermel’s Aunt Maggie (Williams) Miles and her family.  Forty years later a renewal of correspondence between Maggie’s granddaughter, Podie (Miles) Ferguson and Ermel would result in the transmission of several photocopies of family artifacts, transcriptions of which are included elsewhere in this document.  These documents have proven invaluable in documenting the life and times of Rufus Otmar Williams.  We shall forever be indebted to Ermel and Virginia for saving the documents and to cousin Marcia for making them available to this writer.
A tall slender man, Ermel courted and married a tall and striking young gal named Virginia.  They would be blessed with a son and four daughters.
For a year immediately following their marriage, Ermel and Virginia live in two rooms of Stanley and Ruth’s home on the farm at Odon.  They then spent a short year on a farm just down the Bunkum road from Stanley’s before moving to Bicknell, Virginia’s hometown, while awaiting the call to the military service.
Ermel’s early goal was to be a member of the Indiana State Police.  He took and passed the written examinations.  While awaiting further word from the State Police, Ermel was notified by the draft board to report for physical exam.  He then sold his farm animals and equipment and bought a house next to Virginia’s parents near Bicknell, Indiana in anticipation of her living there while he was on active duty.  However, upon taking the physical examination in Evansville, he was classified 4-F because of some problems with his heart.  (The only son of Rufus known to have a heart problem would outlive three brothers who were the victims of unknown heart problems!!)
When the 4-F classification ended his hopes for a career with the State Police, Ermel begin as tenant farmer adjacent to his older brother Oletus on the Graham property located on Hgwy 57 south of Washington.  When other efforts, including a brief tenure on the Garrison farm at Plainville and two locations near Raglesville, and a location in Pike County west of Petersburg, did not proves successful, Ermel abandoned the farming efforts, returned to Daviess County, and worked as the driver of a truck collecting eggs from farmers for deliver to the Dearmin Company in Odon for some eleven years.
He then gained employment at the Crane Navel Weapons Center and worked there for ten years before retiring to enjoy his grandchildren and continue his hobby of fox and raccoon hunting.
Following the death of Otmar, in 1963 Ermel and Virginia bought Otmar’s last home in Elnora where they continued to live until Ermel’s failing health forced them to move closer to daughters, Marcia and Patty, who then assisted Virginia with the tasks of caring for their father for several months until his death following a brief stay in a nursing home that actually commenced on the day that his sister Freeda died. A scant five weeks later to the day Ermel joined her in the sleep of the eternal.  The family brought his body “back home” to rest on the same gentle slopes of the Walnut Hill Cemetery.
As the youngest son of Otmar and Celia, Ermel was spared the fate of a sudden heart attack that had dropped his three older brothers in their tracks at an all too early age.  However, the heavy hand of death and despair did not pass his family untouched.  Young daughter Carolyn suffered serious bouts of illness as a small child, their beloved son, Jimmy suffered the fate of his three uncles and died of a heart attack at an early age—and was laid to rest at Walnut Hill.  Another daughter Peggy endured a series of neurological disorders and is spending her mature years in a group living facility at Vincennes, Indiana.
Virginia was always the dutiful wife, mother, and homemaker caring for Ermel and their children as only a mother and wife could.  She enjoyed needlework and was particularly adept at crocheting.  Active in the Methodist church, she would see her husband Ermel accept “the Way, the Truth, and the Light” and be baptized into the Methodist Church as an elderly man.
currently resides at Columbia City, IN. with her daughter Patty during the summer months and with Marcia in Jacksonville, Florida during the winter months.

 Ermel       Virginia
Jimmy  Peggy  Marcia

11278-394-1.  James Errol Williams  B. 10-28-1945 in Daviess County, In
Married 7-03-1965, at Loogootee, Indiana to Mary Ann Strange, daughter of Gilbert (from Loogootee) and Ann Strange from England.  Mary Ann was born 7-31-1945.
      Died 6-21-1991 and is buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery
11278-394-2.  Peggy Diane Williams  B. 2-26-1947 Daviess County, IN.
      1st marriage, 12-19-1970 to William Eugene Lucas.  Divorced 7-1972
      2nd marriage, 8-21-1982 to Daniel Halter, Divorced 1992
      no children
11278-394-3.  Marcia Kay Williams   B. 6-24-1948 Daviess County, IN.,
Married 9-12-1964 to Robert Leon Porter, son of Olaf and Violet Porter .  Robert was born 12-18-1941   2 Daughters
11278-394-4.  Carolyn Jo Williams   B. 11-11-1953 in Daviess County, IN.
Marriage to Daniel Bert Julian December 1973, divorced 11-1974 and remarried  August 1976 to Daniel Bert Julian.   Daniel died in March of 1992.
Lives at Brookline Station, Missouri.
11278-394-5.  Patricia Jill Williams      B. 8-05-1956, Daviess County, IN.  Graduate of North Daviess High School
      1st marriage 6-01-1974 at Odon to Jerald E. Donaldson, Divorced 1986
            2 daughters
2nd marriage 9-18-93 to Chris Stump, divorced 1996

Jim         Peggy       Marcia         Carolyn  Patricia
Virginia              Ermel    (1975)
 Daughter of Otmar and Celia (Bowman) Williams
     Born at Williams, IN. 10-14-1915, graduate of Odon High School
    Married 1-29-1938 to Gariel Albert Jolliff, son of Levi and Ethel Jolliff.  Gariel (“Gabe”) born 9-14-1913, graduate of Newberry High School,
    died March 19, 1998 and is buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery at Odon, IN.
The oldest daughter of Otmar and Celia was the last child born in Lawrence County.  She was a two-year-old toddler when the family moved to Daviess County.  As the oldest daughter she was expected to help her mother Celia with the household chores associated with a family of two adults and eight children.
Estelle graduate from Odon High school in 1933 and worked at Odon and at home before meeting and marrying Gariel Jolliff in 1938.  To that union was born a son Marvin.
Following brief tenures near his parents home in the Nebo community of Greene County a year on the “Wallack” place east of Odon and a year on the “Core” farm southwest of Odon, Uncle Gabe in 1943 settled into operating an 80 acre general purpose farm on the south edge of the Mud Pike Community in Elmore Township but only a few miles west of the farm where Estelle was reared.  He joined his brothers-in-law, Stanley Williams, and Bob Riggins in raising turkeys for the Dearmin Company in Odon.
Estelle was a housewife and mother.  She joined her husband in working in the fields and feed lots when needed.  In 1948 they built a new home on the farm.  An important feature of the kitchen was solid cherry wooden cabinets made of lumber harvested from the farm.  In addition all of the rough lumber for the house came from the farm.
In later years, Gabe and Estelle were supportive of their son’s successful efforts to establish himself as a career farmer in his own right.  Both lived to see and enjoy their grandchildren as toddlers and watch them become successfully established in their marriages and careers.  Great grandchildren also brighten their lives in the years prior to Gabe’s death and continue to be a joy for Aunt Estelle.
Colon cancer slowed Gabe as he helped his son Marvin with the harvest in the fall of 1996.  Surgery and medications stymied the progress of the disease for months and the couple celebrated their 60th  Two months later he was dead.  Again the family made the slow trip to the slopes of Walnut Hill Cemetery where he rests in eternal peace.

Aunt Estelle is an invaluable source of oral history about her family.  She also contributed greatly to the “proofing” of much of the material.
Their son Marvin grew into a tall lad who excelled as a basketball player at Elnora High School.  Marvin graduated from Elnora High School and Purdue University, and spent a few years working as a sales representative for the Quaker Oats Company before returning home to Daviess County and a successful farming venture.
11278-395-1.  MARVIN OTIS JOLLIFF   B. 3-11-1940 Elnora, IN.
Married 9-12-1959 at Odon, IN. to Ruth Eileen Myers.  One son, one daughter.


  Marvin  Estelle  Gariel

Daughter of Otmar and Celia (Bowman) Williams
  Born 4-2-1918 in Daviess County, IN.  Died 10-27-1999 at Odon, IN.  Burial Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon. IN.
  Married 3-12-1938 at Washington, Indiana to Willard Lamb, son John and Myrtle (Lemonds) Lamb.  Willard born 8-22-1915 at Epson, IN.
The first child born in Daviess County to Celia and Otmar, Freeda graduated from Odon High School in 1936.  She married Willard Lamb, the son a farming neighbor.  They started as tenant farmers on land southwest of Odon near the Epson community.
Willard and Freeda moved in as the tenant farmers on the “Hyatt Place” south of Plainville on the same day that her brother Stanley and his wife Ruth moved out on their way to Odon.  On that farm Willard and Freeda continue to grow grain and Appleseed watermelons while milking a herd of dairy cows.  Willard regularly operated melon sales from the back of his truck in surrounding communities, at the county fair, and the Odon Old Settlers Days.
The couple was blessed with three girls, Nina, Joan, and Nancy.  All three girls completed high school, married and established themselves as housewives and career ladies.  Freeda was always a housewife and mother who helped her husband with the farm work (She was working the fields with a tractor on the day their daughter Nancy was born.  They both supported their children in their efforts and activities in school.
About 1954 Willard purchased a nearby farm of 60 acres where he expanded the dairy operation while continuing to grow grain crops and a “patch of watermelons.  He also sharecropped another 112 acres of the “Avery place” that was nearby.  His dairy operation utilized “state of the art” milking parlor equipment and technology.  (Nephew Marvin Jolliff purchased the Avery farm after Willard retired.)
At one point he operated a school bus route that traveled Indiana Highway 57 from the township line to the school in Plainville.  On that route he picked up the children of Herschel and Mabel Doades.  A daughter Joyce Doades would later marry Freeda and Willard’s nephew Roger Williams.
Freeda and Willard continued to live on the farm as a retired couple.  They were able are enjoying their rural setting, their children and their grandchildren until Freeda succumb to the complications of heart and kidney failure.  At this writing, Willard continues to live in the farm house.
It was a beautiful day in October when once again the family gathered and made the long pilgrimage to the gentle slopes of the Walnut Hill Cemetery so that Freeda could join in the deep eternal sleep of her ancestors and siblings.  
  11278-396-1.  Nina Jean Lamb, b. 9-12-1943 at Daviess County Hospital
      Married 10-10-1969 at Shawneetown, Illinois to Ervin Wittmer
  11278-396-2.  Joan Elizabeth Lamb,  b. 10-05-1946 at Daviess County Hospital
    1st Marriage 12-14-1968 at Odon, Indiana to Don Harker,
      Divorced 7-05-1983
     2nd Marriage 5-30-1990 to Dennis Harmon
  11278-396-3.  Nancy Louise Lamb,    b. 6-13-1952 at Daviess County Hospital
      Married 05-01-1976 at Sullivan to Danny Veo WoodarD


 Baby Nancy, Freeda   Willard
Joan Ann  Nina Jean

11278-39-7.  Otmar Ray Williams
      Infant son of Otmar and Celia (Bowman) Williams
        Born and died 7-27-1920, buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery, Williams, Indiana in an unmarked grave beside several of his relatives.
  Other family members buried between baby Otmar and the church building are:
First cousins John and Billy, children of Elizabeth (Bowman) and Charles Hayes
 Uncle Walter Bowman, Celia’s stillborn baby brother
  Infant Williams, daughter of Rufus And Sarah J. Kern Bowman
Great grandmother Clarrisa (Williams) Bowman Phillips.
(Clarissa first married Pleasant Bowman and were parents of Jackson Bowman who was the father of Celia, Elizabeth, and Herschel.  After Pleasant’s death in 1857,  Clarrisa married George Phillips.  He is buried at Old Union Cemetery.)

11278-39-8.  Ellen Loristine Williams
Daughter of Otmar and Celia (Bowman) Williams
Born 8-19-1921 in the “Shotgun” log house on the Hyatt farm southwest of Washington.  Never married
Died 1-16-1983 at Daviess County Hospital, Washington, IN.  Buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery at Odon, IN.

Ellen apparently had a normal childhood until she was about 2 years of age.  She contracted an illness and ran a high fever for several days.  The sustained fever apparently resulted in neurological damage that arrested her emotional and intellectual development.
She lived with her parents where she was able to handle the routine chores of cooking and cleaning with proper supervision.  For a period of time she provide domestic service for wages to other adults.  She spent her later years as a paying resident of the Daviess County Home.
She was buried beside her mother and father on the southwestern slope of the Walnut Hill Cemetery.

11278-39-9.  EULA MAY WILLIAMS
Daughter of Otmar and Celia (Bowman) Williams
Born 11-06-1923 at Plainville, Daviess County, IN.  Graduated Odon High School, 1941.
Married 4-04-1942 to James Robert Riggins the son of John Russell and Ivy Maude (Stuckey) Riggins. James was born 5-09-1916 at Raglesville, IN.
The youngest child or Otmar and Celia, Eula married James R. (Uncle Bob) Riggins shortly after graduating from Odon High School.  A total of seven children, 3 boys and 4 girls, were born to this union. 
Robert soon established himself as in industrious farmer first as a tenant farmer for the Dearmin family west of Odon and then later on land he purchased two mile east of Raglesville in 1951 – the community where he was born and raised.
On the farm they maintained a dairy herd and annually grow a flock of turkeys for the Dearmin Company.  Robert also found time to operate a school bus for a number of years.
Eula was a very capable housewife and mother to the seven children.  She maintained and preserved the bounty of a large garden.  The children were always clean, well dressed, and most importantly well mannered.  In 1960 they replaced the aging rather too small “model T” two story farm house with a modern Bedford Stone sided ranch house which had ample room for the growing family of farmers.
All of the children were active and successful participants in the county 4-H club program.  Five of their children completed college degrees and all of them found gainful employment.  One son, Steve is the first and only known descendent of James Dixon, Rufus, and Otmar Williams to earn a doctorate degree.
In 1976 they sold the farm, and moved to Odon where they build another new home on the north side of the Conservation Club Lake.  Following the move, Uncle Bob worked part time as an independent farm trucker.  They continue to be active in the Christian Church at Odon.
Eula has long assumed a major role in scheduling and coordinating the annual gathering of the descendants of Otmar and Celia Williams.
Eula shared the following written recollections with the writer:
“My mother, Celia, encouraged dad to let me take his fiddle to school and play in the orchestra.  My teacher would drive out and pick up three of us country kids to play at the ballgames.  I started the lessons in the fifth grade.  I learned to play the violin by note and attained the first chair; however, I never became adept at playing “fiddle tunes.”
Dad would get out his fiddle on Sunday mornings and play it while mom was preparing dinner.  I loved to “jig” dance – a skilled which I picked up on my own – and I couldn’t keep my feet still while dad was playing.  My favorite tune was “Leather Britches.”
I did not have a violin of my own until after my seven children were grown and gone from home.  Then with some time on my hands, I took a longing for one; so my husband Robert bought me a violin for Christmas.  This was after we had sold the farm and moved to the home we built in Odon.  I had not played the violin for some twenty-five years.
I spent most of my life cooking, cleaning, and sewing; what with four daughters.  They were all very active in the 4-H program and all learned these homemaking skills.  After that phase, I started hand piecing and quilting quilts.  I have finished a quilt for each of our children and all thirteen grandchildren.  I am giving the grandchildren their quilts as they get married.
It is now December 1999 – almost the new Millennium – and I’ve done almost all of the sewing I wish to do.  So I am ferreting around for a new amusement.”

11278-399-1.  Karen Lenore Riggins  b. 06-18-1944 at Loogootee, IN. R.R.
Married 06-04-1967, at Odon, IN. to Lynn Pierre Carlton, son of Berl and Marie (Knoy) Carlton with issue.  Lynn b. 03-01-1944
11278-399-2.  (Robert) Travis Riggins     b. 08-30-1945 at Raglesville, IN.
1st Marriage 04-18-1964 at Odon, IN. to Connie Kay Neiswanger, daughter of Charles and Doris Neiswanger with issue.  Connie born 03-28-1945.  Divorced 11-17-1992
2nd Marriage 03-02-1996, at Bloomington, IN. to Cherie Rose Richardson, Cherie born 10-02-1955.
11278-399-3.  Steven Kent Riggins   b. 03-12-1947 at Raglesville, IN.
Married 08-16-1969 to Karen Susan Teel, daughter of Linn and Betty Teel with issue.  Karen born 11-27-1948
11278-399-4.  Janice Elaine Riggins b. 4-29-1950 at Raglesville, In
Married 06-11-1972 at Odon to Walter Wayne Arnett, son of Loran and Mary (Hollingsworth) Arnett with issue.  Walter b. 06-23-1948.
11278-399-5.  Bonnie Beth Riggins   b. 09-29-1951 at Raglesville, IN.
11278-399-6.  Teddy William Riggins b. 03-27-1954 at Raglesville, IN.
Married 04-04-1982 at Odon to Debra Lin Thomas, daughter of Jesse and Eula (Richards) Thomas with issue.  Debra b. 09-26-1954.
11278-399-7.  Anita Fay Riggins           b. 03-19-1957 at Raglesville, IN.
Married 08-01-1976 at Odon to Carl Eugene Edminston, the son of Glen and Margie Edminston, with issue.  Carl b. 4-02-1955
The grandchildren of Otmar and Celia were born between 1936 and 1957. 
Those individuals who were born during the great depression or World War II had some memories of limited supplies of basic commodities, sacrifices for the war effort, and the coming of electricity and telephones to their homes.  The younger members were born into the era of modern conveniences that we currently enjoy including radio and television, air conditioning in offices, homes, and automobiles, and airline travel.

The youngest members also grew up with the space age that began in 1959 when the first small satellites were launched.  They witnessed the first space walks; the assignation of President Kennedy, the Vietnam conflict and all of the social/political upheavals associated with it; the fall of communism, the end of the cold war, and the advent of the Internet system.
They were all parties to the changing of society from a rural agricultural society to an urban industrial and service-oriented society.   Only four members of this generation, Marvin Jolliff, Linda (Williams) Ault, and Travis and Teddie Riggins, remained directly on the farm.  Cousin Steve Riggins earned a doctorate degree and has remained close to the farm with a career as a college professor and extension agent in the field of agricultural economics.  Roger Williams devoted some 11 years as a vocational agriculture teacher before moving into public school administration.
Those who remained associated with farming moved from the end of the horse powered and hard labor aspects of farming to the time of highly automated farming equipment controlled by satellites and other space age technology.  They moved from self-saved open pollinated seeds to plants that are genetically engineered to be variety specific for designated traits such as extra sweetness or proteins in corn, herbicide tolerance, disease and insect resistance.  They changed from small 40 acre general purpose farms to cash grain operations of several hundreds of acres; livestock operations of hundreds of heads; and turkey operations with multiple flocks per year in confinement operations with each flock numbering in the thousands.

Two of them, Gordon Williams, and Steve Riggins followed in the footsteps of their great grandfathers Rufus and Isaac and gave time in service to their country with the military forces.


            Shirley            Charlotte               Roger

Daughter of Stanley and Ruth (Christenberrry) Williams
  Born May 25, 1935 on the Hyatt Farm at Plainville, IN.
  Married 6-24-1964 at Lafayette, Indiana to Jack Koning, Divorced 1971
The first child of Stanley and Ruth and the first grandchild for Otmar and Celia Williams, Charlotte led the typical life of a young girl growing up on a farm.  At an early age simple chores were assigned with expectations that they would be completed – chickens to feed and water, eggs to be gathered, and eventually a younger brother and sister to assist.
During her high school years she was active in 4-H Club activities and the youth program of the Bunkum Evangelical United Brethren Church that was adjacent to the farm northeast of Odon. 
Charlotte recalls that while their dad was not a “hunter” like his dad an brothers, he did enjoy harvesting the squirrels that were populated the woods on the farm.  Fresh squirrel and gravy was a welcome addition to the family’s diet.
Charlotte graduated from the Odon High School and immediately enrolled in Indiana Central College in Indianapolis.  The college, since renamed the University of Indianapolis, was affiliated with the Evangelical United Brethren Church (since merged with into the United Methodist Church.)  Four years later she completed her degree and was licensed to be an elementary school teacher.  She was the first of Otmar’s grandchildren to earn a college degree.
She taught school for a total of ten years working first in the Indianapolis area while rooming with a college friend.  She then moved to the Lafayette, Indiana area.  For two years she and her brother Roger shared an apartment house and provided a cooperative meal service to several Purdue Students who lived in the same rental property.  (Roger also enjoyed the use of the sporty 1957 “Chevy hardtop” and later the 1961 convertible that she drove.)
While living and teaching in the Tippecanoe County Schools, she married Jack Koning and continued to live in the W. Lafayette.  When that marriage failed, she left the teaching field and pursued a variety of options before setting into a career as a professional nanny and caregiver.  She worked for three separate households of the same family in the Indianapolis, IN. and Cincinnati, Ohio area.
In 1993 she, in the company of some fellow workers/friends from the Indianapolis, IN. area, moved to the Seattle, Washington area.  There she continues to work as a caregiver in assisted living facilities.

Son of Stanley and Ruth (Christenberry) Williams
Born 9-08-1939 on the Hyatt Farm, Plainville, IN.  Graduate of Odon High School, 1957, class valedictorian.  Graduate of Purdue University, W. Lafayette, Indiana, 1961 with honors, B.S. Degree in Agriculture M.S. Degree in Education 1963, Education Specialist Degree from Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana 1976
Married, June 22, 1963 at Washington, IN. to Joyce Ann Doades, daughter of Herschel and Mabel (Grant) Doades.  Joyce born, 10-19-1941 at Washington, Indiana.
The only son of Stanley and Ruth and the first living grandson of Otmar and Celia, Roger was born in the square little four-roomed house on the sand hill at the Hyatt Farm.  Two years later the family moved to the farm at Odon where Roger grew to manhood. 
Born just prior to the beginning of World War II, as a young boy, Roger learned to do farm chores while working behind teams of draft horses with his father.  There was also a “cow pony” used to “work” the herd of Angus cattle.  Early childhood memories involving work horses include thrashing wheat with steam engine powered thrashing machines; mowing, raking and making loose and baled hay, planting, plowing, and harvesting corn; silo filling; and hauling feed to the turkey fields.  Tractor power, in the form of a used John Deere model “G” came to the farm about 1950 and greatly reduced the manual labor requirements while dramatically increasing production efficiency.  A few years later, a new John Deere model “70” Diesel engine powered tractor and automated equipment eliminated the need to handle the hay crop and silage crop by hand.
Roger’s parents encouraged and supported his participation in the county 4-H club program and later the Future Farmers of America program in high school.  Participation as an exhibitor of horses and sheep at the various fairs was an annual highlight of the late summer season.  The values and lessons learned there influenced Roger’s ultimate decision to enter the education field.
Parallel with the interest in 4-H and FFA activities, Roger pursued and developed, with less than avid support from his father, his interest and musical talents as a piano player – talents inherited from both sides of his family – grandfather Otmar was a fiddle player, grandfather Lew Christenberry played the piano and harmonica, and grandmother “Dovie” Christenberry played the piano and reed pump organ.
With the support of his mother and the encouragement of aunts and uncles, Roger entered Purdue University two short months after his father’s untimely death.  There he obtained a B.S. and an M.S. Degree before starting his teaching career at Sandcreek Township High School at Westport, Indiana (Decatur County.)  He and Joyce were married a year later when she completed her degree at Indiana Central College.  Following an additional year at Sandcreek, with Joyce also teaching at neighboring Washington Township Elementary School, they moved to Thorntown, Indiana in the summer of 1964.  Both of them had teaching positions there.  Pamela was born while they lived at Thorntown.
In 1967 the opportunity came for Roger to teach vocational agriculture in the newly constructed building at Washington High School.  (His supervising teacher and family friend, Ron Frette, was by then an assistant superintendent in the corporation offices.)  The family moved to Washington and settled into their first home at 17 Coronado Drive.  That location was just around the block from Joyce’s grandmother Doades home.  Two additional children, Melissa and Kendall were born while they lived there.  In 1974 the family purchased and remodeled an older farm home at 41 Edwardsport Road on the northwest side of Washington.  This location was “home” during the formative years of the family.
In 1973 after 6 years of successful teaching in the Washington school system, Roger moved into public school administration, first as the principal of the Washington Junior High School (in the same building where his father had attended as a freshman) and then a year later as principal of the Washington High School.
Roger accepted a position as Superintendent of Schools for the North Harrison Community School District in Ramsey, (Harrison County) IN. in the fall of 1982 and the family moved there to the house at 560 W. Whiskey Run Road the following summer after eldest daughter Pam had graduated from Washington High School and Joyce had completed the school year as Principal of Washington Catholic Elementary.
All three children would graduate from Purdue University, their father’s alma mater, find gainful employment in their chosen fields, and marry.  Not unlike their forefathers from generations past each of the children would move far from their homeland and parents; Pamela to California, and Missie and Kendall each to Illinois.
When Joyce retired in June of 2001, they moved to their retirement home at Navarre Beach, Florida where they are active in the social life of their condominium building.  They also work as part time employees of the Navarre United Methodist Church in 2006.
11278-3912-1.  PAMELA JOE WILLIAMS, b. 9-14-1965 at Lebanon, IN. 
Graduate of Washington High School, Washington, IN. and Purdue University with BS Degree with Distinction in Computer Science (1987)
Married 6-25-1994 at Daly City, Ca. to Dan Dickerman, son of Thomas and Marlene Dickerman.  Dan b. 11-29-1967.
Pam was active in 4-H Club work, a member of the girls’ tennis team and the concert band [trumpet] at Washington High School.  She also learned to play the piano.
Dan is a graduate of Daly City High school and the University of California at Berkley.  He father is a native of Crown Point, IN. and graduate from Purdue University in 1957.  Dan’s mother is a native of Chicago and is an elementary teacher in the Daly City Public Schools.  They were married in 1957 and moved to San Francisco where Tom worked for the Water Utility.

Pam and Dan were both employed by Hewlett Packard Computer Company in Cupertino, Ca.  After their first child was born, Dan became "Mr. Mom" and Pam continues at her position with Hewlett Packard as a high level technical support person and is able to work from her home.   They moved to Truckee, Ca in 2005

 11278-39121-1.  Jacob William Dickerman, b. 6-22-2006 at Mt. View, Ca
 11278-39121-2.   Tyler Dickerman, b. 6-4-2004  at Mt. View, Ca.
11278-3912-2.  MELISSA MARIE “Missie” WILLIAMS  born 8-7-1968 at Washington, IN.
Graduate of North Harrison High School and Purdue University (1993) with a BS Degree in Communications.
Married June 18, 1993 to Garrett Rinehart, son of Dale and Marilyn Pratt Rinehart of Hoffman Estates, Il.  Garrett born 1-08-1969.   Died November 2004.  Memorial site at Oswego, Il Presbyterian Church.
Garrett was a graduate of Purdue University (1991) with a BS Degree in Computer & Electrical Engineering.  His parents were both teachers in the public schools, Dale as a science teacher and departmental chairperson and Marilyn as an English teacher. Garrett and Missie met at an “opening night get acquainted mixer” on their first days at Purdue University.

Missie was active in 4-H Club work while living at Washington, IN. and the marching band (oboe and flag Corp) at North Harrison High School.  She also became an accomplished pianist.
They lived at Oswego, Il. where Missie was employed as a computer graphics specialist  and later worked part time as a church secretary. Garrett was employed as a Engineer with Argonne National Laboratories.   They were both active in the Presbyterian church and Garrett was active in a motorcyle riding group.

Garrett was killed instantly in a traffice on his way home from work on a beautiful fall day in November of 2001.  He is deeply missed by all who knew him.

11278-39122-1   Stephanie Marie Rinehart b. 6-3-2001 at Oswego, Il
11278-39122-2   Sam Garret Rinehart b. 6-3-2006 at Oswego, Il.
11278-3912-3.  KENDALL PAUL WILLIAMS      b. 3-17-1970, (St. Patrick’s Day) at Washington, IN.
Graduate of North Harrison High School and Purdue University (1992) with a BS Degree in Actuarial Sciences.  He is also a full Fellow in the Casualty Actuarial Society of America.
Married 5-15-1998 at Bloomington, Illinois to Theresa Witte, daughter of Bob and Helen (Bittner) Witte of Des Plaines, Il.  Theresa was born in 10-03-1969 in Chicago. 
Theresa is a graduate of Main West High School and Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Il. With a BA Degree in Business.  She is employed as a buyer for a farm equipment manufacturing company.
Ken and Theresa met while participating in recreational volleyball events.
As a student, Ken was active on the varsity tennis team, the marching band (drums), and the varsity basketball team at North Harrison High School.  He also learned piano.
Ken is employed as an actuary with Country Companies Insurance’s in Bloomington, Illinois.
They currently reside in Bloomington, IL.

Daughter of Stanley and Ruth (Christenberry) Williams
Born August 18, 1943 at Odon, IN.
Married (1) on September 8, 1962 at Burn City, IN. to John Edward Abel.
Divorced 4/30/1982
Married (2) Robert Groomer, Oct 10, 1995 at Bloomfield, IN.  Rob born at 
Bloomfield, IN. 3-29-1916.  Died June  2004, buried
 The youngest child of Stanley and Ruth was born on the farm at Odon.  She assumed her fair share of the farm and household chores.  Those chores increased dramatically when her older sister Charlotte went off to college.
Shirley was active in the 4-H club program until her opportunities there were cut short by the sudden death of Stanley and the sale of the farm.
Following graduation Odon High School, Shirley married her high school sweetheart John Edward Abel and began working at a television assembly factory in Bloomington.  She would continue to work there until the factory closed in the late 1990’s.  John worked as a carpenter and as a truck driver.  Two children, Bryan Dale and Betha were born to the couple.
They lived in Indianapolis for a short time before returning to the Odon area eventually settling on a small tract of land near Raglesville, Indiana.  Shirley’s mother Ruth placed a small mobile home on the site and provided baby-sitting service for her granddaughter Betha.
The couple separated in 1983 and Shirley and her mother moved to separate homes in a mobile home park in Bloomfield. 
In 1995, Shirley married a co-worker, Rob Groomer, and moved to his house east of Bloomfield on Hgwy 54.  Following his death in 2005, Shirley moved into a home adjacent to her son Bryan.

11278-3913-1.  BRYAN DALE ABEL
      b. 2-05-1964 in Daviess County, IN.  A graduate of North Daviess High School.
        Honorable discharge from U.S. Coast Guard.
        Married  May 23, 1982 at Indianapolis, IN. to Claire Evans-Smith.  Claire born Terre Haute, IN.1-10-1960.
      Bryan was active in the varsity football program and the Navel Junior Reserve Officers Training Program at North Daviess High School.  Following graduate from high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard and was trained in radio and communications maintenance.  He did a tour of duty in Alaska.
      Following his honorable discharge, he utilized the technical skills gained in the Coast Guard to gained employment.  He currently is works as a communications technician with the CINergy Corporation in Plainfield, Indiana.
      They are active members of the Friends Meeting House.
11278-39131-1.  DANIEL PATRICK ABEL b. 7-15-94 at Indianapolis, IN.
              (Stepson)  Bill Smith b. 6-18-80 at Indianapolis, IN.
Bill graduated from Plainfield High School and completed a tour in the U.S. Army.  He married Tabathia        on ????? and is currently living in Ten.
11278-39131-11   Sarah Lillie Marie Smith b 11-19-2003
11278-39131-12   Patrick Alexander Smith b 5-05-2005
11278-3913-2. BETHA LYNNETT ABEL     Born 1-2-1979 at Washington, In Graduate of Bloomfield High School
Married 4-3-1999 at Bloomfield, IN. to Darrell Donald Thiem.
Darrell born 8-16-1980.  He is also a graduate of Bloomfield High School
Betha is gainfully employed as an assembly technician with the Cook Company in Bloomington where she helps manufacture highly specialized medical equipment and devices.
Darrell is employed with a construction and repair company and travels extensively to work sites across the country.
They reside on a small farm east of Bloomfield.
        11278-39132-1  Brandon Abel,  Born January    at Bloomington, In. Monroe County.
11278-392-1.  LINDA SUE WILLIAMS
Daughter of Warren and Esther (Arford) Williams
Born 10-12-1942 at Elnora, IN.  Graduate of Odon High School
 Married 10-13-1960 at Odon, In to Gary Emil Ault, son of Harry Galen and Leatrice (Jones) Ault.  Gary born 9-7-1942
Linda, like several of her other cousins was active in the 4-H Club program and exhibited her fathers prize Duroc hogs as well as the household projects.  She was also named the FFA Sweetheart at Odon High School.
Gary and Linda married in the fall following their graduation from high school.  Gary worked as a grocery store employee.  They eventually started a small farming operation on property located just south of Newberry at the junction of IN. highway 57 and the Mud Pike Road.  There they raise pigs and turkeys in modern confinement facilities thus continuing the traditions of her father and uncles.
In addition to maintaining the household, tending her flowers and vegetable gardens, and helping with the farm work, Linda engages in a variety of sales ventures often working from her home.  She currently is an insurance representative.  She still finds time to collect antiques.  She also served as a 4-H club leader for a number of years.  She and Gary are members of the Newberry United Methodist Church.
In 1989, Linda made the first written compilation of the Otmar and Celia (Bowman) Williams family history.  That effort has been the inspiration for this update and cousin Linda has been most helpful in this effort.  For that the writer is ever grateful.
11278-3921-1.  PAMELA LESLIE AULT, b. 6-04-1961, Daviess County, IN.  Graduate of Switz City High School, Vincennes University 1981, Indiana State University 1982, and Missouri State University with a degree in Audiology.
Married. 8-20-1982 to John Alan Flinn son of Raymond and Margaret (Cannon) Flinn.  John is a sales representative
Pam was an active member of the girls’ basketball, softball, and volleyball teams while at student at Switz City High School.
They currently live at New Albany, Indiana where Pamela enjoys being a housewife and caring for her children.
      11278-39211-1.    Courtney Brooke Flinn   b. 12-5-1995, Louisville KY
      11278-39211-2.    Cameron Parker Flinn    b. 9-16-97, Louisville, KY
11278-3921-2.  KAREN GAY AULT,      b. 2-22-1963, Daviess County, IN.  Graduate of Switz City High School, Vincennes University 1983
Married Robin Russell Dove 12-20-1986, son of Donald and Barbara (Flinn) Dove at Elnora, Indiana.
Karen was also very active in the girls’ athletic programs while in high school.  Like her sister she played basketball and volleyball.  She was one of the first girls to be a member of the Future Farmers of America Chapter at the high school.
Robin is at least the third generation of the Dove family to be successful engaged in farming in the Elnora community.  Karen is a sales representative for Mary Kay products and Longeberger Baskets and helps with the workings of the farm.  She and Rob continue both of their family’s traditions by being active in The Daviess County Fair.  Rob is currently a vice-president of the organization.  They attend the Odon United Methodist Church.
      11278-39212-2.    JOSHUA MARC DOVE        b. 2-13-1989. Bloomington, IN
      11278-39212-2.    JENNIFER BROOKE DOVE    b. 9-6-91, Bloomington, IN

11278-3921-3.  (GARY) DAVID AULT    b. 4-12-1970, Daviess County, IN.  Graduate of Switz city High School.
Married 7-21-1990 to Veronica Sue Russell, daughter of Roy Edward and Judith Kay (Mottern) Russell.  Veronica b. 11-04-1970.
David, like his father, is engaged in raising turkeys in confinement operations.  He also owns and operates a school bus route for the White River Valley School system.  Among his riders are the stepchildren of his second cousin Travis Riggins.  Veronica also serves as a substitute teacher in the public school system.

    11278-39213-3.    CODY DAVID AULT   b. 3-14-1996, Daviess County, IN.
    1278-39312-4.    Cara Nicole Ault b. 3-12-2001 , Daviess County, IN.

11278-392-2.  JANE ANN WILLIAMS
Daughter of Warren and Esther (Arford) Williams
Born  2-13-1947, Daviess County, IN.
Married 9-11-1965 at Odon, IN. to Ronald Charles Crew, son of Steward and Frances (McCammon) Crew.
 Ron b. –1-18-1947.  Divorced February, 2001.
Jane and Ron married in the fall following their graduation from Odon High School (Cousin Roger was the organist.)  Jane is employed as a florist in Washington, Indiana and a zone representative for Longeberger Baskets.  Ron obtained employment at the Navel Weapons Depot at Crane, IN. and has continue to work upward to management and supervisor positions.
The couple found time to remodel and decorate two older homes, one at Odon and one in Plainville.  Both locations reflected Jane’s floral and artistic talents and Ron’s carpentry and landscaping skills.  The Plainville home has been restored to its beautiful Victorian era origins and still contains handmade windowpanes.  Jane continues to live in the home.
11278-3922-1.  JAY RONALD (J.R.) CREW,    b. 8-15-1968, Daviess County, IN.  A graduate of North Daviess high School, Vincennes University, and Indiana Police Academy.
Married 4-4-1992 at Washington, IN. to Laurie Ann Petty, daughter of _____  ________.  Laurie b. 9-24-68  (Laurie was a student at Washington Catholic Elementary School during Joyce Williams’ tenure)
“J. R.” is employed as a deputy with the Daviess County Sheriff’s Department. 
      11278-39221-1.    JORDON RENE CREW        b. 7-16-1990
      11278-39221-2.    LOGAN DANIELLE CREW     b. 9-27-1992
11278-3922-2.  RODERICK (Rodney) JASON CREW           b. 9-2-1971 Daviess County, IN.  Graduate of North Daviess High School and Olney Community College, in Olney, Illinois
Married, 7-15-1995 at Odon, IN. to Aaron Lea Hawkins, daughter of Jeff and Nancy (Miller-O’Neil) Hawkins.  Divorced 1999
Rodney was a starting member of the North Daviess Varsity Basketball team and was active in the 4-H Club program.  Following graduation he capitalized on what he learned helping his mom and dad remodel, decorate, and landscape their home, and gained successfully employed in the landscaping business.  He currently operates his own business in Jasper, Indiana were he designs and installs some remarkable creations.
    11278-39222-1.   COLTON RODERICK CREW, 12-24-1995 at Vincennes, IN.  Lives with his father.
 Married, 07-06-2002, Jasper, In. to Mari
    11278-39222-2     CANYON RAYMON CREW      b. 12-04-02, Jasper, In.


Son of Oletus and Kleadeth (Wagner) Williams
Born, 8-28-1942 Daviess County, In
Died 5-02-1965, Bloomfield, IN.  Buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery, Odon, IN.
Gordon grew up helping his dad with the farm work.  As a teenager, he enjoyed working with automobiles and motorcycles.  He loved anything with wheels and would ride his bike many miles to visit the country stores in central Greene County and to meet his friends.  He was an early fan of “rock and roll” and especially liked Elvis Presley.  Gordon also had passion for the honey that his father Oletus gather from his bee hives.  Upon graduating from Bloomfield High School, he entered the Indiana National Guard and obtained employment at a factory in Columbus, Indiana.
He often returned home to Bloomfield for the weekends, riding his motorcycle when the weather was suitable.  Gordon died when he failed to negotiate a curve on the winding highway east of Bloomfield as he was traveling back to Columbus and his work on a bright Monday morning.  And so it was that a scant two years after the death of Grandfather Otmar that the family gathered again on the grassy slopes of Walnut Hill Cemetery only this time they buried the first adult member of Gordon’s generation.
* * * * * * *
Son of Oletus and Kleadeth (Wagner) Williams
Born 7-18-1949 in Daviess County, In
Married 1. Nancy Ann Denny, divorced
Married 2. Tammy, with stepdaughter Melissa
Danny, like his brother, had a love of automobiles and a mechanical mind.  Upon graduating from Bloomfield High School he found employment as a heavy equipment operator and supervisor and continues to work in the coalmines so common in Greene County.  He and Tammy live in Bloomfield.
Danny is remembered as a small boy who always played at farming with his nice collection of toy farm machinery.  Today he operates the giant equipment used in the coalfields and strip mining operations.
1278.3932-1  Tammy, adopted daughter, graduated from Bloomfield High School in 1996 and Indiana State University, Terre Haute, In., in 2002.  She married Grand Lee McBride,son of Mr. & Mrs. Ron McBride of Bloomfield, in June 11, 2005.  She is an elementary teacher in the Rerry Meridian Township schools near Indianapolis and Ron is a medical residency student at Methodist hospital in Indianapolis.

Son of Ermel and Virginia (Holt) Williams
Born 10-28-1945 in Daviess County, In
Married 7-03-1965, at Elnora, IN. to Mary Ann Strange, daughter of Gilbert (from Loogootee) and Ann Strange from England.  Mary Ann born 7-31-1945. 
“Jim” Died 6-21-1991 and is buried at Walnut Hill Cemetery
As a young boy, little Jimmy was full of energy and prone to asking lots of questions and talking.  He was spending the summer on the farm with his uncle Stanley and family in 1957 when Stanley died of a heart attack..
Jim found employment, married, built a home next to his parents where he and Mary Ann raised two lovely daughters.
He died of a massive heart attach while operating a large front-end load at his place of employment.  (Mary Ann remarry to Lonnie Green in 1998.)
11278-3941-1.  CHERYL ANN WILLIAMS  b. 06-30-1966, graduate of North Daviess High School.  She attended Vincennes University where she trained to become a registered dietician.
      Married at Odon, Indiana on 4-03-1986 to Dempson Jerry Haney II, son of Dempson Jerry and Genevieve (Stanzack) Haney I
      11278-39411-1.  DEMPSON JERRY HANEY III, b. 7-4-1987
      11278-39411-2.  TYLER JAMES HANEY,  b. 11-4-1989
      11278-39411-3.  BRAYTON HANEY b. 6-9-1992
11278-3941-2.  LINDA KAY WILLIAMS         b. 7-16-1967, Daviess County, IN. graduate of North Daviess High School.
      Married 7-28-1990 at Odon, IN. to Rodney Lee Potts, son of Fred and     Janet (Evans) Potts.
Linda is a housewife and lives at Odon, IN. on the Potts farmstead.  Rodney is a semi-tractor driver.  Linda and Kaylee join him on road trips on a regular basis.
      11278-39412-1.  KAYLEE ELAINE POTTS b. 10-21-1994

Daughter of Ermel and Virginia (Holt) Williams
Born 2-26-1947 Daviess County, In
1st marriage, 12-19-1970 to William Eugene Lucas.  Divorced 7-1992
2nd marriage, 8-21-1982 to Daniel Halter, Divorced 1996
no children
Currently lives at Vincennes, IN.
 11278-394-3.  MARCIA KAY WILLIAMS
Daughter of Ermel and Virginia (Holt) Williams
 b. 6-24-1948 Daviess County, IN., graduate of Greenwood High School.
Married 9-12-1964 at Elnora, Indiana to Robert Leon Porter, son of Olaf and Violet Porter.  Robert was born 12-18-1941
Robert is a nephew of Clarence Porter, one of the young men who went west with Marcia’s father Ermel in 1937.
Robert built his career and business in the automobile dealership business.  First working in Indianapolis, he was a manager at the tender age of 26.  From there a brief term in Terre Haute gave his the springboard to purchase a Chevrolet dealership in Ligonier, Indiana.
The Ligonier dealership prospered under his management and was recognized at one time as the largest Chevrolet truck dealership in the world – primarily as a result of the brisk business provided by the recreational vehicle manufacturing companies in the immediate area.
Robert and Marcia used the profits of their labors to make wise investments in real estate in the area and to build Marcia’s “dream home” on a track of land at the south edge of town.  They sold that home in the fall of 1999.
The dealership was sold in October of 1998 and the couple is enjoying other interests.  In the fall of 2000 they moved to Scottsdale, AZ.  In the fall of 2002 they moved to Jacksonville, Florida.

11278-3943-1.  JULIE KAY PORTER           b. 4-28-1969 at Franklin, Indiana Graduate of West Noble high school and Indiana University with BS in Business Management and Marketing.  Attended Screen Writing Classes at UCLA.  Also has taken private lessons in this area.
Currently lives in Studio City, California.  She works for a Business Management Firm on Wilshire Blvd.  She maintains her interest in screenwriting and is currently working on a screenplay in her spare time.
11278-3943-2.  KATINA LEE PORTER          b. 1-13-1973 at Franklin, Indiana  and a graduate of West Noble high school and Manchester College with BA Degree in Corporate Finance.
      Currently employed by Charles Schwab in Phoenix, Arizona where she is the Southern California Team Leader.  She is pursuing the management route within the company.  She holds Series 6, 7,and 8 licenses.
Daughter of Ermel and Virginia (Holt) Williams
Born. 11-11-1953 in Daviess County, IN.
Marriage to Daniel Bert Julian December 1973, divorced 11-1974 and remarried  August 1976 to Daniel Bert Julian.   Daniel died in March of 1992.
Lives at Springfield, Mo.
      Prior to his untimely death due to heart diseases, Daniel managed a small business operation that made and sold aerial photographs of rural America to land owners. 
      Carolyn has always been employed as a sales representative for business firms.  She has taken a considerable amount of college course work in her chosen field.
11278-3944-1.  BROOKE LANE JULIAN   b. 4-15-1981 at Effingham, Illinois
Brooke had a serious bout with cancer as a teenager but has overcome the odds and currently is enrolled in a community college in Springfield.  She plans to continue to pursue a degree in business and accounting.
11278-3944-2.  MATHEW JACKSON JULIAN      b. 5-04-1984 at Effingham, Illinois
      Carried the “Jackson” name of his grandfather Ermel and great great grandfather Jackson Bowman.
Daughter of Ermel and Virginia (Holt) Williams
Born  8-05-1956, Daviess County, IN.
1st marriage 6-01-1974 at Odon to Jerald E. Donaldson, Divorced 1986
11278-3945-1.  JENNIFER JILL DONALDSON    b. 10-10-1976 at Washington, Indiana, graduate of West Noble high school.  Attended Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana for 2 years.
Married 9-19-1998 at Ligonier, Indiana, to Scott Allen Gunder son of Richard A. and Carol J. Gunder.  Scott born 2-13-1974. Jennifer and Scott live at Knox, Indiana.
      11278-39451-1  Scott Gavin Donaldson      b. 6-15, 2001 at Knox, In
                 11278-3945-2.  MELISSA RAE DONALDSON      b. 8-08-1982 at Washington, Indiana graduate of West Noble high school.  Currently attending Manchester College
2nd marriage 9-18-93 to Chris Stump, divorced 1996
      “Patty” lives at Columbia City, IN. and works as an Office Manager.

Son of Estelle (Williams) and Gariel Jolliff
Born 3-11-1940 Odon, IN., graduate of Elnora High School 1958 and Purdue University (BS Agriculture Economics in 1962)
Married 9-12-1959 at Odon, In to Ruth Eileen Myers, daughter of Roy and Hazel Myers.  Ruth born 10-10-1941.
Marvin grew up helping his father with the farm chores, playing varsity basketball at Elnora High School, serving in the marching and concert bands, participating in the 4-H Club program for 10 years and providing hired help to neighboring farmers, including Johnny Long, a nationally recognized breeder of registered Duroc hogs.  An active member of the Future Farmers of America, Marvin received that organization’s American Farmer Degree at the National Convention in Kansas City, Missouri in the fall of 1959.  He was also a member of the Mud Pike Church.
Following graduation, he worked in Tennessee as a sales representative for Quaker Oats Company.  In  1964 he left the “security” of that position and returned home to begin a farming operation with his father.  He soon established himself as a tenant farmer with Robert Hyatt on land adjacent to the acreage that had been farmed by his uncles Stanley and Willard thus becoming the third generation of the Williams family to farm with the Hyatt family.
Through a combination of perseverance, good record keeping, solid decision making, successful real estate dealings, a little bit of luck, and the support of his wife and children, Marvin established himself as a successful farmer and parent.  His holdings currently include land near his home place plus a recent purchase of some of the Hyatt family property where he as lived since shortly after returning to the farm. 
Primarily a grain farmer, Marvin regularly grows some beef calves and maintains his own grain drying, storing, and transportation operation.  Ruth, in addition to maintaining the household and mothering their two children regularly works beside her husband in operating equipment used in the tillage and harvesting operations.  She also maintains the financial records of the farming operations.  They share and trade farm work and equipment with cousin Travis Riggins whose operations are just a few miles away from the Elnora operations.
He is also active in community affairs having served a term on the North Daviess School Board, held membership in the Plainville Lions Club, and the Plainville Christian Church. 
Marvin and Ruth live on their portion of the Hyatt farms in Steele Township southeast of Plainville, Indiana – just across the road from the land that his uncle Willard Lamb farmed.
11278-3951-1.  PHILLIP DWAIN JOLLIFF      born 4-5-1960 at W. Lafayette, graduate of North Daviess High School and Nashville Diesel College.
Married, 8-08-1981 at Washington, In to Sara Montez McDonald, daughter of Jack Vernon McDonald and Montez Antonia McDonald.  Sara b 9-06-1961.  Graduate of Washington High School and Vincennes university.  (Her mother is the school nurse at Washington High School.  They were both there when Roger Williams was the building principal.)
Phillip, while growing up, took and active interest in working with his dad and grandfather Jolliff on the farm.  After graduating from high school he completed a mechanics program at the Diesel College in Nashville, Tennessee.
Initially working for and with his dad in farming, Phillip also developed a specialized business in repairing and rebuilding turbo charges for farm tractors.
He currently devotes the bulk of his time to the highly specialized repair business working with clients and customers across the country.
Phillip and Sara live on a farm at Elnora, Indiana just east of his Jolliff grandparents’ farm.  Phillip and Sara also have a sizable grain farming operation.
11278-39511-1.  GLENNA LEANN JOLLIFF,     b 6-20-1987 at Vincennes, IN.  Graduate of North Daviess High School.  Attending Vincennes University on a Volleyball scholarship.
11278-39511-2.  Dwaine Allan Jolliff,     b 6-17-1989 at Vincennes, IN.  Dwaine is an excellent basketball player at North Daviess High School.
Both of the children are actively involved with a variety of farm related activities and in the sports programs at their schools.  The Jolliff farm’s barnyard includes goat, chickens, horses, and rabbits.  The latter having been “introduced by their aunt Dianne’s family.
11278-3951-2.     DIANNE LYNN JOLLIFF     b. 5-19-1962 at Lafayette, IN. Graduate of North Daviess High School and University of Wisconsin.
Married 12-27-1981 to at Plainville, In to William Paul Erdman, son of Bob and Edwina Erdman.  “Bill” is also a graduate of Purdue University.
      Bill and Dianne met while they were attending Purdue University.  Bill gained employment with the Harley Davison Company and quickly “rose through the ranks.”  They lived in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania before returning to Indiana with a division of the company.  Surviving a series of company mergers, sell offs, and re-organizations, Bill is currently a part of the management team at Utilimaster.  The company manufactures a variety of utility/delivery trucks for United Parcel Service and other comparable companies.  He is an accomplished trumpet player who frequently playing at the church where he and the family are active members.
      Dianne, always quite the seamstress—lessons she learned from her mother and grandmother Myers, designed and sold a variety of decorated tee and sweatshirts.  She currently works for a sewing machine dealer near her home.
      They are living at Osceola, IN. in 2006.
11278-39512-1.  PAUL JEFFREY ERDMAN b. 11-15-1985 at Milwaukee, WI.  Graduate Penn-Harris-Madison High School and attending college in Michigan.
11278-39512-2.  KARL WILLIAM ERDMAN b. 10-21-1987 at Milwaukee, WI. Graduate Penn-Harris-Madison High School and attending college in Michigan.
Both boys are talented vocalist and musicians; graduates of Penn Harris Madison High School and students in college.  The family is actively engaged in the production, showing, and sales of tame rabbits.
11278-396-1.  NINA JEAN LAMB
Daughter of Freeda (Williams) and Willard Lamb
Born 9-12-1943 Daviess County Hospital, a graduate of Plainville High School
Married 10-10-1969 at Shawneetown, Illinois to Erwin Wittmer, son of Roy  and Anna (Lengacher)Wittmer,  Ervin born 4-3-1947
      Nina and Ervin eloped to get married.  Nina recalls telephoning her mother to share the news and asking is sister Joan, who was expecting her baby any day, had delivered.  Freeda’s response was, “No but this ought to do it.”
      Nina and Ervin established their home in Plainville shortly after their marriage and continue to live in the Plainville area—for several years they lived at Elnora in a house they purchased from cousin Marvin Jolliff.  Nina is employed as a bank teller and Erwin as a truck driver for Stoll Brothers in Odon.  They enjoy spending available free time camping at Boggs Lake near Loogootee,

11278-3961-1.  CRAIG TRAVIS WITTMER  b. 9-01-1970, Daviess County, IN.
Married 8/12/1995 at Plainville, In to Susan Elaine Ramsey, daughter of Larry and Nancy Ramsey.  Susan J. 3-26-1972.  (Larry was a Plainville High School classmate of Joyce (Doades) Williams, wife of Nina’s cousin Roger.)  Susan is a bank employee and Craig is a truck driver like his father.
        11278-39611-1.  RYAN ELI WITTMER  b. 10-11-04, Daviess County, In.
11278-3961-2.  MARK ALAN WITTMER  b. 10-13-1973, Daviess County, IN. 
Married 8/26/1994 at Plainville to Denise Rhoton, daughter of William and Pamela Rhoton.  Denise b. 8-24-1974 
Mark received a Business Degree from Vincennes University and is currently employed in the Business Office of K&K enterprises in Odon, Indiana.  Denise is employed at Crane.
       11278-39612-1.  HALEY RENAE WITTMER  b. 3-10-1997, Monroe County Hospital, Bloomington, IN.
      11278-39612-2.  ADDISON PAIGE WITTMER  b. 1-18-2000, Monroe County Hospital, Bloomington, IN.

Daughter of Freeda (Williams) and Willard Lamb
Born 10-5-1946 on the Hyatt Farm, graduate of Plainville High School. 
1st Marriage 12-14-1968, at Plainville to Don Harker son of Orville and Edith (Gould) Harker with issue, Divorced 7-05-1983.
2nd Marriage 5-30-1990 at Plainville to Dennis Harmon, son of James Allen and Alice Catherine (Luhn) Harmon
Joan received a Degree in Business from Indiana School of Business and is employed as Bookkeeper at the Ketchum Memorial Center in Odon, IN.
Joan is remembered as the “tomboy” of the family.  She was known to climb trees at an early age; and she seemed to take great pleasure in hitting a baseball over the yard fence and into the roadway.  (The source of this information shall forever remain unrecorded.)
Dennis born 8-21-1948 is retired from the Laborers Union and currently works part time at the Crane Navel Base.
11278-3962-1.  LISA JEAN HARKER     b. 10-28-1969, Daviess County, IN.  Graduate of North Daviess High School and Vincennes University with an Degree in Nursing and a Registered Nurses License.  She is employed as a registered nurse.
Married 6-16-1990 at Montgomery to Gregory Lengacher, son of Simon and Mildred (Wagler)Lengacher with issue.  Greg born 5-4-1967 holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rose Hulman Institute at Terre Haute, IN. and is employed at Kimball Manufacturing in Jasper, Indiana.
11278-39621-1.  AUSTIN PATRICK LENGACHER b. 10-29-1990, Good Samaritan Hospital, Vincennes IN..
11278-39621-2.  JESSICA MORGAN LENGACHER b. 10-19-1992, Jasper Hospital, Dubois County, IN.
11278-39621-3.  BRANDON NEIL LENGACHER   b. 5-29-1996, Jasper Hospital, Dubois County, IN.

Daughter of Freeda (Williams) and Willard Lamb
Born 6-13-1952 (Friday) on the Hyatt Farm, Graduate of North Daviess High School and Indiana State University with BS and MS Degree in Choral and General Music Education.  Holds Life Certification as public school teacher from Indiana Department of Education.
Married 5-01-1976 at Sullivan to Danny Veo Woodard, son of Lawrence and Wilhelmina (Kisner) Woodard with issue.  Danny b. 5-16-1952.  Danny is a graduate of North Central High School, Farmersburg, IN. and Indiana State University with BS and MS  Degree in Mathematics Education and is licensed to teach mathematics and physics.
      Some of Nancy’s childhood memories include:  
“Music was something that was always a part of my life.  My best memories are going to Aunt Eula’s and Uncle Bob’s on Sundays.  I got to sit on the big arm rest in the middle of Mom and Dad in the old Hudson.  We sang all the way there and back.  One of the favorites was always the “Golden Deed.” 
 When I was older, Daddy bought me my own cornet.  Each of us had our own, and Daddy, Nina, Joan, and I would sit out on the front porch and play all afternoon.  I wasn’t quite as good as them at the time, but I eventually got to sit “first chair” in the North Daviess Band.”

After graduating from Plainville High School, Nancy pursued her musical interest (remember there is a long history of musical talent in the Williams linage as well as her father’s), completed her college training to be a teacher, and married Danny who she had met during her second year of teaching.  Nancy recalls:  
“Danny and I met while teaching at Hymera Elementary School, even thought we had had classes together at Indiana State University we never know each other.  His first year of teaching was in Ferdinand, Indiana so he often traveled through Plainville and Washington when going home on the weekends.  My first year of teaching was split between the schools at Hymera and Fairbanks.  I turned the corner past his parents house every teaching day when traveling from one school to the other.  We met during out 2nd year of teaching when Danny got a job at Hymera in 1975.  Our first “sort of” date was chaperoning an 8th grade dance.   Out 2nd “sort of” date was at a teacher’s hayride part where the other teachers sat us next to each other.  I guess it worked as we were engaged after only 4 months and married in May of 1976.”
      They are both teachers in Northeast School Corporation in Sullivan County, Indiana.

11278-3963-1.  KIMBERLY BROOKE WOODARD,   b. 03-23-1977 at Union Hospital, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana graduate of North Central High School, Farmersburg, IN. and University of Evansville with a B.A. Degree in Communications/Advertising. 
      Married Will Tarter, August 6, 2005 at Jasper, Indiana.  They currently live at Georgetown, Indiana. Will operates an independent pizza parlor in Milltown, In. and Kimberly is employed at a large sporting goods retail store in Clarksville, In.
11278-3963-2.  GRANT LAWRENCE WOODARD,    b. 02-19-1979 at Union Hospital, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana graduated as class Valedictorian at North Central High School, Farmersburg, IN. He graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. Degree in Bio-chemistry, June 2001. Attend University of Texas, Houston, Texas as a research intern in Toxicology and Virology.  In 2005 he took employment with Bacter Pharmaceuticals in Bloomington, Indiana.
      Married Kelly Kahl, June 9, 2001 at Greenwood, In.  Kelly was born 2/20/1979. She also earned B.S. in bio-chemistry major.  She was attending Baylor University in Houston majoring in the same area of study when she died quite unexpectedly on April 27, 2003.  Burial was in the Valhalla Memorial Gardens, Bloomington, In.
11278-3963-3.  CARSON STANLEY WOODARD,    b. 12-19-1983 at Union Hospital, Terre Haute, Vigo County. Hi is a graduate of North Central High School, Farmersburg, IN. where he was a starting tackle on the football team.  Currently enrolled at Indiana University majoring in info-matics a field of computer sciences.
(Nancy shares that Carson middle name came from her early childhood memories of her Uncle Stanley giving her a baby lamb that had to be fed with a bottle.  “I always remember thinking how special he made me feel with that gift.”)


Daughter of Eula (Williams) and James R. Riggins
Born 6-18-1944 at R. R. 2 Loogootee, IN. a graduate of Odon High School and Purdue University.  (BS in home Economics 1966 and MS in Home Management and Family Economics in 1969.)
Married 06-04-1967, at Odon, IN. to Lynn Pierre Carlton, son of Berl and Marie (Knoy) Carlton with issue.  Lynn b. 03-01-1944, graduate of Purdue University.  (BS in Industrial Management with Computer Science)
Commissioned Ensign United States Navy 1967; retired as Captain in the US Navy Reserves.
          Karen and Lynn live at Carmel, IN. own and operate a Printing Shop “The Ink Well” in downtown Indianapolis, IN.
11278-3991-1.  ROBERT LYNN CARLTON  b. 01-17-1968, died 12-18-1970 of leukemia,  buried at Walnut Hill, Odon, Indiana
11278-3991-2.  BRUCE LINDSAY CARLTON      b. 04-30-1971 at Columbus, IN.,
Married to Naomi Saek, Tokyo, Japan, 7-10-2000 b. Jan 15,  ??
 graduate of Carmel High School and Purdue University (BS in Chemical Engineering) Commissioned Ensign in U.S. Navy where he graduated from U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine School.  Currently serving aboard U.S.S. Houston and on a two year tour of duty to Japan in 2000.
      11278-3991-21.  Adam Theodore b. 2-26-01 in Japan
      11278-3991-22.  Isaac Lindsay b. 12-12-2002 in Japan
11278-3991-3.  KRISTIN RACHELLE CARLTON   b. 12-04-1972 at Columbus, IN., Graduate of Carmel High School and Purdue University (BS in French & Philosophy) and holds a M.B.A. Degree from DePaul University.  Employed at Bank of Paris in Chicago, Il.
Married, 06-03-1995 at Carmel, IN. to Oliver Guy Petinaux, son of Marcel and Nicole Petinaux.  Oliver is a graduate of Purdue University, (BS in Consumer and Family Sciences.  He is also employed in Chicago and working toward a MS Degree

Son of Eula (Williams) and James R. Riggins
Born 8-30-1945 at Raglesville, IN.  Graduate of Odon High School
1st Marriage 04-18-1964 at Odon, IN. to Connie Kay Neiswanger, daugher of Charles and Doris Neiswanger with issue.  Connie born 03-28-1945.  Divorced 11-17-1992
2nd marriage 03-02-1996, at Bloomington, IN. to Cherie Rose Richardson, Cherie born 10-02-1955. 
3rd marriage 10-11-2002 to Carla Beasley, Carla b. 6-12-1954
      Travis and Connie married shortly after the gradated from Odon High School and moved to Bloomington, Indiana where Travis found ample work in the factories.  He took advantage of an early retirement incentive program in 1999 and now devotes totally to his farming operations and hobbies.
      Travis, after several years of helping his cousin Marvin farm on weekends and vacations, started his own grain farming operation just north and west of Newberry in Greene County in 1985.  He continues to share work and equipment with Marvin.  He also maintains a kennel of bird hunting dogs and raises Tennessee Walking Horses.
11278-3992-1.  TRAVIS JEFFERY RIGGINS,    b. 06-08-1966 at Bloomington, IN. Graduate of Bloomington South High School?? And Vincennes University (AB in Laser Technology.)
      Married 9-07-01 at Loogootee, In to Randee Renee Lankford, daughter of Randell and Mary Evelyn Lankford.  She is a 1995 graduate of Loogootee High School and Vincennes University in 1997.  She works as a computer network technician at the German American Bank Corp in Jasper.
11278-3992-2.  TRACY DAWN RIGGINS,  b. 10-01-1970 at Bloomington, IN.graduate of Bloomington South High School and Vincennes university (A.S. in Art Graphic Design.)  She is the manager of a specialty shop in College Mall at Bloomington, in.
Married 05-19-1995 at Bloomington, IN. to Michael Wayne Koontz, son of William W. and Nancy (Breeden) Koontz.
      11278-3992-21.  Shawn Michael, b. 2-28-2003

Son of Eula (Williams) and James R. Riggins
Born 3-12-1947 at Raglesville, IN. a graduate of Odon High School, Purdue University (BS in Agriculture Education,) Cornell University, (MS and PhD in Agriculture Economics)
Married 08-16-1969 to Karen Susan Teel, daughter of Linn and Betty Teel with issue.  Karen born 11-27-1948.  Karen is a graduate of Purdue University (BA in Political Sciences)
      After one year of college, Steve enlisted in the military for a tour of duty before returning to Purdue University to complete his BS Degree.  He then enrolled at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and completed a M.S. Degree before earning a PhD in Agricultural Economics. 
      Dr. Steve is the only known descendent of James Dixon Williams to hold a PhD.  He is a full professor of Agricultural Marketing Economics at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky.  As a Marketing Economist he works closely with farmers and agricultural business owners throughout the State of Kentucky.  He is highly regarded as an authority in his chosen field.  Among his private clients are his brother Travis and his cousin Marvin Jolliff.
      The National Quilting Association recognizes Karen as a certified quilting teacher. 
      They live on a small farm southwest of Lexington.
11278-3993-1.  JASON KENT RIGGINS,  b. 09-29-1972 at W. Lafayette, IN.,   Graduate of Lafayette High School in Lexington, KY and University of Kentucky.  (B.S. in Forestry.)  Employed by the Forestry Service in Iowa
 Married 05-26-1996 at Lexington, Ky. To Angela BeGosh, daughter of Andres and Hilda BeGosh of New Hampshire.  Angela is a graduate of University of Kentucky (BS in Agriculture) and is employed as a County Extension Agent.

11278-3993-2.  SETH WILLIAM RIGGINS b. 06-17-1975 at Ithaca, NY.  Graduate of Lafayette High School and University of Kentucky.  (BS in Agriculture in 1968 Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics in 1999.  Seth is employed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C.  They currently live in Virginia

Married 2-23-2002 to Brisja Rae Brown at Lexington, Ky.  Brisja is a daughter of Elizabeth and Mike Brown, Jr (now divorced) Born 04-06-1969.  Elizabeth's mother is a direct descendant of Josiah Bartlett who was the second person to sign the Declaration of Independence.

11278-3992-21.  Brown Theodore William b. 6-15-02, Amsterdam, NY

Daughter of Eula (Williams) and James R. Riggins
Born 4-29-1950 at Raglesville, In, graduate of Odon High School and DePauw University (BA Degree in Music) and IN. University (MS Degree in Music Education).
Married 06-11-1972 at Odon to Walter Wayne Arnett, son of Loran and Mary (Hollingsworth) Arnett with issue.  Walter b. 06-23-1948.  Walter is a graduate of Washington High School and Purdue University.  (BS in Agricultural Economics.)
Janice and Walter married and returned to Daviess County following their graduation at Purdue University.  He is self-employed as a Certified Public Accountant with an office in Princeton, IN.
Janice gained employment at Loogootee High School where she organized the Choral Music Program.  She continues to work in that program, with great success, and is the choir director at the Otterbein United Methodist Church in Washington, IN. where she and the family are active members.
11278-3994-1.  CHARLES WALTER ARNETT      b. –6-30-1977 at Washington, IN.  Graduate of Washington High School will obtain BS in Chemical Engineering at Rose Hulman (1999) and plans to attend law school in Indianapolis.
11278-3994-2.  SHALIN ELAINE ARNETT b. 01-07-1980 at Washington, IN. Graduated as valedictorian  of Washington high School in 1999 and enrolled at Butler University majoring in the medical field.

11278-3994-3.  KINSEY LAYNE ARNETT  b. 06-30-1983 at Washington, IN.  An honor student at Washington High School.

Daughter of Eula (Williams) and James R. Riggins
Born 09-29-1951 at Raglesville, IN.  Graduate of Odon High School and IN. University.  (Graduate Cum Laude with BS in English and MS in Library Sciences,)
      Bonnie has served as Children’s’ Librarian in the Marion County Public Schools in Indianapolis, Director of the Carnegie Public Library in Washington, IN. and is currently the Circulation Librarian at Vincennes University. 
      She owns forty (40) acres of land north of Bloomfield in Greene County.  She plans to move there when she retires.
Son of Eula (Williams) and James R. Riggins
b. 03-27-1954 at Raglesville, IN, graduate of Odon High School
Married 04-04-1982 at Odon, IN. to Debra Lin Thomas, daughter of Jesse and Eula (Richards) Thomas with issue.  Debra b. 09-26-1954.  Debbie holds a nursing degree from Vincennes University.
Teddy established himself as the owner and operator of Riggins Excavating Company at Odon, IN.  (The business card reads “Difficult We Can Do – The Impossible Takes A Little Longer.)  He lives on a small farm northeast of Odon where Debra (with some assistant from Teddy) raises some 32,000 turkeys annually in a confinement operation.  Teddy also maintains a herd of registered Red Angus Cattle.  The land that Ted farms is some that his Uncle Stanley had anticipated purchasing in order to expand his cattle operations.
Teddy’s family continues the fair tradition.  Debra is a 4-H club leader and Teddy is Co-chair of the beef department at the Daviess County Fair at Elnora.  Their children show cattle.

11278-3996-1.  SAGE THOMAS RIGGINS,       b. 03-26-1983
Plays football at North Daviess.  He and sister Beth own a small herd of registered Angus Cattle.  (Their great uncle Stanley would be proud.!!)
11278-3996-2.  MATTHEW WILLIAM RIGGINS    b. 06-14-1984
Matthew is a horse fancier; as a high school student, owns registered quarter horse and registered Appaloosa

11278-3996-3.  BETH ANN RIGGINS                 b. 05-25-1985
Beth plays clarinet in high school band at North Daviess, also studies piano, and is co-owner of the registered Angus herd.
11278-399-7.  ANITA FAY RIGGINS
Daughter of Eula (Williams) and James R. Riggins
Born 03-19-1957 at Raglesville, IN.  Graduate of Odon High School and IN. University, (A.S. in Radiologic Technololgy.) University of Nebraska (B.G.S. in Library Sciences) 
Married 08-01-1976 at Odon ?? to Carl Eugene Edminston, the son of Glen and Margie (O’Conner) Edminston, with issue.  “Bud” holds A.S. degree from Air Force Community College and B.G.S. in Public Administration.
Bud has made a career of the Air Force.  He is the recipient of two Air Force Commendation Medals and four Meritorious Service Awards.  He retired from the Air Force and accepted employment in Ohiol
Anita is a registered radiographer with advanced registries in mammography and computed tomography.


             11278-3997-1.  ALISON BRIANE EDMISTON     b. 12-25-1986     Plays soccer and basketball, studying violin, saxophone, and piano.
How fitting that this listing concludes with a great-granddaughter who continues the musical traditions of her forefathers (grandfather Otmar and great-grandfather Rufus, and grandmother Eula) by beginning her training on the piano and violin at Papillion, Nebraska which is relatively close to North Bend, Nebraska, the birthplace of Otmar.
Furthermore, the initial draft of this document was being made while the author, on a short vacation, was sitting in his retirement home at Navarre Beach, Florida, overlooking the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  It was to those same waters and pristine beaches of the Gulf of Mexico that a great great great uncle Elkanah Williams was drawn to visit at Mobile, Alabama when seeking a cure for his brain tumor condition; and it was those same waters that drew the writer’s great grandfather and several other relatives to St. Petersburg, Florida
It is the hope and prayer of this writer, who has been privileged – with the invaluable assistance and support of so many people – to record for present and future generations and the ages these bits and pieces of the history of a family called Williams, that the readers will somehow grasp a sense of the proud traditions, pride, and history which has brought each of us to where we are today and that we will somehow understand that we have a tradition, history, and heritage of a faith and a work ethic to pass on to those generations which are to follow us even as we live and create a history for them.

May the God of our forefathers bless us all and may we always know the joy of God’s Salvation in our hearts.